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White House names new Chief of Staff Bill Daley

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President Obama announced that he has a new Chief of Staff for the White House to replace temporary Chief of Staff Pete Rouse.

In an announcement from the White House, President Obama reached back to his Chicago roots to find a replacement for out-going Chief of Staff Robert Gibbs. His choice is the brother of Chicago’s current Mayor Richard Daley, William Daley.

President Obama today announced Daley as the replacement and called him an experienced public servant, a devoted patriot and a personal friend. Daley certainly has political experience, having been the U.S. Secretary of Commerce under President Bill Clinton. Daley also helped run Al Gore’s campaign for President in 2000. He was at the center of the ballot recount controversy that ultimately ended in the election of George W. Bush for President.

Mr. Obama introduced Daley to the media today in a press conference held at the White House. He cited not only Daley’s political experience but the fact that Daley has Wall Street business experience. Before being tapped to fill the Chief of Staff role, Daley was an executive at JP Morgan Chase.

Daley steps into the role currently held, in a temporary position, by Pete Rouse. Rouse stepped into after Rahm Emanuel stepped down as Chief of Staff to run for Mayor of Chicago.

Bill Daley is the brother of the out-going Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley. Richard Daley just recently announced that he would not run again for the mayoral role. Richard Daley also just passed his father’s record for holding the position of mayor of Chicago, beating out his father who was also Richard Daley.

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