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Wind advisory set for Chicago while record for wetness set for month

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The Chicago area has had over 17 days of rain in the month of September and now the weather service is advising the area that Thursday’s forecast calls for very high winds.

The wind advisory is set to start at about 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon. The area will get a short break from the unrelenting rain in the morning and then, in the afternoon, a cold front will move through bringing more rain, the chance of thunderstorms, and the high winds. The area could experience wind gusts of up to 40 mph.

According to media reports, this has been the wettest September in Chicago in 17 years. Chicago’s official weather reporting, and rain-recording, area is O’Hare International Airport. So far, for September, there has been 2.51 inches of rain recorded there.

This amount has brought the overall amount of rain for the year 2011 in the Chicago area to 41.62 inches. This also sets a new record. That’s the most amount of rain in a year in Chicago since weather records were first kept in the area, 141 years ago.

The culprit has been a stream of swirling area that has hovered over the area. It created a storm system that appeared, on radar signatures, similar to a hurricane with a series of swirling clouds, rain and storms over an eye. It has brought clouds, cold air and steady rain for days. The swirling stream of air was cut off from the main jet stream, which was located north in Canada. Now that jet stream is headed south into the Chicago area, bringing a cold front and pushing the storms out of the area.

Residents should expect the temperatures to reach into the low 70s this morning. However, by late this afternoon the winds will grow and become more intense, creating a potentially hazardous situation for drivers of trucks and large vehicles. This could also bring about the chance for more rain and the possibility of thunderstorms.

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