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Winter weather affects both coasts of the United States

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California braces for more torrential rain and snow in the higher elevations and the east coast is still buried beneath feet of snow.

It is a tough time to be living on either coast of the United States as winter weather is socking both sides of the country. California, having just survived torrential rains and snow in the higher elevations, braces for another storm. Meanwhile, out east, New York City and other eastern cities are still buried beneath feet of snow after a blizzard during the Christmas weekend.

Los Angeles County is currently under a high wind advisory, according to the National Weather Service. That warning will remain until noon on Thursday. So far, southern California has been in the middle of the wettest December on its history.

Over the last 24-hours another storm has hit the area. This time the weather came down from Alaska and dumped more rain and snow on the region. Several weather experts in the area, however, are relieved that the storm was fast-moving and did not linger to endanger some areas with the threats of mud-slides and flooding.

The storm, however, has extended past California to places that do not normally get wintry weather. Ice and rain poured down on Arizona, for example, on Wednesday afternoon. Parts of Interstate 17, which connects Phoenix and Flagstaff, had to be closed because cars and large trucks were sliding off the road.

Out east, meanwhile, the clean up efforts for cities like New York continued to bring woes to politicians and citizens alike. Mayor Bloomberg, of New York, issued an apology on Wednesday afternoon for the way the city had handled the massive snowstorm that struck much of the eastern seaboard over the Christmas weekend.

As of Thursday morning many in the outer areas of New York, outside of Manhattan, were still buried under feet of snow and roads were still impassable. In some cases even the snow plows were getting stuck in the snow and emergency vehicles were finding it difficult to get to residents who had placed calls.

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