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Woman impaled by tree branch recovering in hospital

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The high winds that hit the Great Lakes region yesterday caused some serious damage. No one has been reported killed, however, and many are considering that very lucky. One of the lucky ones was Helen Miller who was impaled by a tree branch that came crashing through her windshield. Miller, however, is recovering in the hospital after the branch managed to avoid all major organs.

Miller is a Lake Villa elementary school teacher and was driving to work on Tuesday morning during the severe storms and high winds that hit the Chicago area and suburbs. A branch from a tree was blown loose and fell 70 feet to crash right through the windshield of her car. The branch smashed the front of her Smart Car and plowed through her abdomen. Remarkably the branch only pierced some fat and muscle tissue but avoided all major organs. The rescue workers took 20 minutes to free her from her wrecked car and to remove her and the branch for transport to the hospital.

Has major medial issues

According to Miller’s family, however, this is nothing compared to health problems she has dealt with in the past and deals with daily. Miller suffers from a heart problem that is usually fatal. She even went through a medical crisis last year that required her to be in a medically-induced coma for nearly a month.

Medical officials at Condell Medical Center in suburban Libertyville say that she was alert and responsive when she arrived. In fact, they state, she was alert and joking. Her husband told the media that she was awake and singing Vanilla Ice tunes while being transported to the hospital. Miller has stated that she wants to take the tree limb home with her and create some kind of sculpture with it.

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