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Woman pelts husband with cupcakes ends up charged with crime

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A woman from the Chicago area got angry at her husband and pelted him with cupcakes only to end up with a visit from police and a charge of domestic battery.

The woman, Dawn Montesdeoca, 60, has now been accused and formally charged with misdemeanor domestic battery after the incident that happened Saturday night. She is accused of throwing a tray of cupcakes, one at a time, at her husband. She reportedly hit him with several during the course of their argument. The entire incident happened at their home in the 4700 block of South Western.

According to reports in the Chicago Sun-Times, the couple had erupted into an argument when the incident happened. Dawn ended up hurtling the cupcakes at her husband and her husband took a break from the argument to call police. When the police arrived they found the husband covered in frosting and cupcake crumbs.

In addition to being hit with the treat-sized cakes, the husband told police he was afraid of his wife. He also said he was afraid his wife might escalate things and decided to file charges against his wife.

The police reported that Dawn used aggressive language with police and got belligerent with officers on the scene. She also freely admitted to police that she had thrown the cupcakes at her husband.

Dawn Montesdeoca was arrested and charged with the crime. She was presented in front of a judge who set her bail at $10,000 in a court appearance on Sunday morning. Further court proceedings will follow.

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