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A woman from Pennsylvania charged when infant skeletons found

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Michele Kalina, 44, of Reading, PA, was charged with homicide after the skeletons of five infants were found in her closet. The remains had been found by her husband and 19-year-old daughter back in July but today she faced formal charges of homicide, aggravated assault and other charges including abuse-of-a-corpse. She had been having an affair and gotten pregnant by her boyfriend but never told him she was pregnant, nor did she tell her husband.

Kalina is a nurse’s aide and had also born a daughter from the affair which she had given up for adoption in 2003. She also had a teenage son who died at the age of 13 after a long illness.

Bodies in coolers

Her husband and daughter had found the bodies stored in coolers in her closet in the bedroom. One of those coolers had been filled with cured cement. From the autopsies is appears at least four of the infants were at or near term and had died via asphyxiation, poisoning or outright neglect. Kalina is currently being held without bail until a preliminary hearing is held on Thursday.

Kalina’s husband said he suspected his wife was pregnant at least once, however, the boyfriend stated he was completely unaware. He admitted he had seen her abdomen growing shortly after they began dating in 1996. However, Kalina told him she has cysts on her fallopian tubes that required draining from time to time. He stated she had to go into the hospital for the “draining” several times over the course of their affair.

The police have conducted DNA tests and determined that the boyfriend was the father of at least three, possibly four, of the infants. Kalina has been a steady worker at her job and has not taken any medical or maternity leave during the 14 years she has held the job. She has stated that she is an alcoholic prone to blackouts.

Apparently the coolers in the closet had been moved when the couple and their daughter had moved from their high-rise apartment to their current location. Kalina’s husband is disabled and she had forbade her husband and their daughter from looking in the closets. She told police she had been meaning to clean out the closets when the bodies were found.

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