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Woman sentenced to 57 years to life for murder of disabled daugther

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In a case that the District Attorney said was “the worst case I’ve ever seen” a New York woman was sentenced to 57 years to life for torturing and murdering her mentally handicapped daughter. Eva Cummings has been convicted to subjecting her daughter to months of horrific torture before smothering her with her hand.

The case has shocked the local community, raised questions about the social services offices in the area, and even made a prosecuting attorney break down when talking to the media. Cummings was convicted of brutally torturing and killing her 23-year-old daughter, Laura Cummings, who had a mental capacity of a preteen.

Details of torture

The details of what Laura Cummings endured during the last years of her life have shocked many. Eva Cummings reportedly tied the girl to a chair and left her there for days and nights. She also placed a hood over her daughter’s head. Laura was also evidently raped, beaten, scalded and had her face pushed into feces. In addition to Evan Cummings, Laura’s 31-year-old brother, Luke Wright, is accused of raping her.

The Assistant District Attorney, Thomas Finnerty, declared it is “the worst case I have ever seen.” He asked that the judge impose the harshest possible sentence against Eva Cummings.

Cummings, during interviews with police blamed her daughter for the abuse. According to video of the interviews she said the abuse was due to “her playing her games, acting out, being sneaky.”

Eva Cummings had pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, assault and unlawful imprisonment as a hate crime. She is also charged with endangering the welfare of a disabled person. When imposing the sentence the judge gave Eva Cummings 25 years to life on the murder charge, 26 years for assault and 7 years for unlawful imprisonment.

According to the details of the case Laura Cummings suffered abuse since she was a child. However, the abuse escalated during the last two years of her life. Eventually Eva Cummings placed her hand over her daughter’s mouth and nose and killed her. According to her defense attorneys she felt that doing so was some kind of act of mercy.

Her defense stated that Cummings “reached a breaking point” due to frustration with caring for her disabled child. She was particularly upset over her daughter’s hygiene and the criticism from outsiders on her parenting. Her defense said that she “tried to be a good mother.” They also laid blame at Social Services employees who had been charged with helping the family.

Laura Cummings’ brother, Luke Wright, is set to be tried for rape and incest in the spring. It is believed that he will attempt to mount an insanity defense.

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