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Amish Mafia preview last night after Live Build-Off, series premiere tonight

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After watching Junior take his second American Chopper: Live Build-Off win, fans were urged to stick around and see a preview episode of tonight's debuting Discovery Channel series, Amish Mafia.

Is Amish Mafia for real?

Amish Mafia premiered last night following the American Chopper: Live Build-Off, giving it a great platform to boost itself into a viewing audience. But, are reality fans going to buy this one?

It is hard to believe that there is an “Amish mafia.” The Amish are passive people; they are not fighters. They do not attack people. So, it seems unlikely that they would be employing an “Amish mafia” to do their dirty work.

In the sneak peak last night, when a buggy gets hit, an “insurance claim” is placed to resolve the situation. Levi, the leader of the so-called Amish mafia, puts the word out that a buggy was hit, and an “insurance claim” is needed. Jolin, a Mennonite, is, as he says it, “Levi’s go-to guy, anytime he needs some dirty work done.”

Levi is said to have been engaged in multiple instances of disorderly conduct, according to Steven Breit, a criminal defense attorney in Lancaster, PA. “Basically not being a nice person.”

“Levi has done some things that not everybody agrees with,” one Amish woman says in the shadows of the camera, “but it’s always good for the community.”

Hmmmmmm; that’s one way to justify “not being a nice person,” I guess.

When the buggy is hit in this episode, Jolin is dispatched to take care of it. He gets the info he needs, and goes to confront the “English” individual who is believed to have hit the buggy and left. But, the English guy in question blows him off.

“Generally the Amish get along really well with the outside world. When things don’t go like they should, that is when we step in and help out,” Jolin explains.

This time, when he goes to “have a chat with the guy,” he decides to take it one step further. When told in no uncertain terms to leave, Jolin goes back to his truck, calmly takes out a gun, and he shoots through the windshield of the car in question.

“The Bible says it’s an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” Jolin rationalizes in a camera cameo.

Welcome to Amish Mafia.

Reenacted and Information Changed?

According to the Discovery Channel, this is a side of Amish society that exists under the radar, and the Amish church denies the group’s existence. Amish Mafia provides eyewitness accounts of the incidents, misdeeds and wrongdoings within the Amish community, as well as a rare look at Levi and his team members who work together to maintain harmony. To protect participants and their family members, Discovery Channel has indicated that some identifying information and property has been changed. Additionally, Discovery adds, some scenes have been reenacted.

At least they are letting fans know this upfront.

Stay tuned.

Amish Mafia officially premieres tonight on the Discovery Channel, with one episode at 8/7c, and a second at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Will viewers come back for more Amish Mafia this week?

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Amish Mafia


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I could only take about 10 minutes of this idiocy! Really? You spent good money producing this ludicrous show! The character's are completely unbelievable as well as the title of the show...what a bunch of crap!

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