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Are the Sister Wives just too far apart to find common ground?

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It's down to the wire tonight on Sister Wives as the Browns try to make final decisions on their homes.

Sister Wives is going forward tonight on the family home-building, but is the Brown family pulling together as they come down to the wire with their builders, or are they simply pulled too far apart at this point to find common ground?

The Brown family has been in Las Vegas for about a year, now, and it has proven hard on family unity. After living in separate homes, the sister wives have found themselves losing touch with each other, and the children are feeling the distance from their half-siblings. Additionally, having to go from home-to-home every day is making it rough for dad Kody to see his kids as often as he would like. After all, 17 kids is a lot of kids to create and upkeep individual relationships with, even under the very best of circumstances. And, Vegas has not proven to be the very best of circumstances for the Browns, not by a long shot.

Bonus Features Out the Windows?

Of course, the Browns’ plan—to build each wife a home on adjoining lots—has been coming along slowly. Will it actually be the saving grace they are hoping it will be? Or, will it just be the same thing they have now, albeit a closer walk for Kody? According to TLC, on tonight’s first new episode, “Mourning the Loss”:

Tensions rise as the Sister Wives fight for the bonus features they want for each house. Who stays in budget and who goes way over? Later, the Brown family digs deep when the family pet is ailing. A compromise leaves them all in tears.

Separate and Falling Apart

These houses have been pulling the Brown family down for months, now, and they are still looking for money-making options. According to TLC, on tonight’s episode, “Confronting Failure,” the Browns still have a ways to go:

With the Sister Wives living separately for over a year now, the Brown family structure is falling apart. After stressing out over finances, the wives try hard to start a web business, and Christine makes another attempt to pass her real estate exam.

Will the wives get what they want, or will someone have to give up some of her much-wanted amenities to make her home budget? And, will the Browns finally start making a positive move in their finances?

Stay tuned.

Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sunday nights, beginning at 9/8c.

UPDATED: My SisterWife's Closet not a hit with show fans.

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Video: TLC/Sister Wives


Submitted by Cindy Hummel (not verified) on
It always strikes me as greedy when Meri is talking about what all she wants and deserves to have! Isn't greed one of the seven deadly sins?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
They are all CRAZY! Can't begin to even want to understand how this crazy family works. Shame on all of you! Those poor kids.

Submitted by kellyg (not verified) on
Amen....yes......greedy greedy greedy. There is no way she needs such a huge house and with finances such a stuggle she is no help! Is Mary ever really helpful? She has a chip on her shoulder about only having one child that she seems to want to hang on to now that it is possible for her to have another one. All the other wives seem so nice .........

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Good Grief! Why don't they just build a four story apartment building -- one story for each wife -- so Kody just has to climb stairs? Those wives of his are going to drive him CRAZY!

Submitted by MelissaRRT (not verified) on
If they were all so much happier under 1 roof in Utah, WHY DIDN'T they build a CUSTOM home that had the same individual space and the COMMON room too... I think that for 1. It would have been much cheaper than 4 LARGE homes. and 2. solved the "your never here, you don't see the kids" issue... OR have the wives realized that they like their space and their own KITCHEN so much better, they would RATHER have individual homes?? This multiple house thing was done on the show "Big Love" with a common back yard and meals all together. YES that is t.v. BUT it looks like that is what they are doing.. I think the whole, "Meri is a bully, I felt unwanted in the kitchen" CRAP is just that.. CRAP.. THEN DON'T HAVE SISTER WIVES!!! You chose this life, I don't know if it was Christine or Janelle that was FEELING like this, but whoever, GET OVER IT!! She is the first wife and you are not, so she has the RIGHT to put things and do things the way she wants! In the beginning of each show the ladies say how they wanted this lifestyle and they have also stated, they had preferences to be first or second or third wife.. SO why now are there so many complaints?? Meri should be queen bee of that place.. They were married for many years before the others came along and she deserves to have the wet bar and the french doors, she LET those women share her man! SO they should be grateful... AND the 4 story apartment building or 4 story house with a common dining room and living room... THAT would be perfect... AND I agree these wives are gonna drive him CRAZY!! OH and this one "HE only sees the kids once a week!!! " well, hmm 4 wives, means at least 4 days between visits, he may be there after bedtime on occasion... so THAT IS OBVIOUS! did she not do the math before the vote for the 4th came around?? LADIES, get along, deal with his already crazy life and have your separate houses.. This was your choice so... OH and CHRISTINE.. you keep saying, I didn't want to be a single mother, I didn't sign up for him being gone so long, I don't know if I can keep doing this... PLEASE, make up your mind, it is very frustrating to hear you say this KNOWING you will never leave.. It's like you are making threats... When my husband was alive, we had a deal, the first time you said, I want to leave or this is not for me, is the ONLY time you say it... NO threats, if you are NOT happy... LEAVE.. quit complaining about it... OH, and Meri, I understand having a baby now is a hard decision, but Robyn said this to you LAST YEAR, and you had been saying how you wanted another baby ever since the show started... WHY NOW is it a difficult decision? IF you don't want Robyn to carry the baby, DO in-vitro... It isn't that hard.. MAN if I had that many options available to me, I would have another baby!!! and I am 44 OK.. love the show, but these things are annoying...

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