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Bayou Billionaires: Albert and Chantel tackle extreme dog grooming

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Gerald and Kitten may get those "mailbox money" checks every month on CMTs Bayou Billionaires, but that doesn't mean their kids can just lounge their lives away.

One thing about Bayou Billionaires Gerald and Kitten: They don’t spoil their kids.

Gerald and Kitten seem like good parents. They certainly have the money to just let all of their kids sit around and do nothing, as Chantel seems to be more than content doing:

“You have nothing else to do, huh?” Kitten asked her daughter as she lounged by the pool.

“No, and it sure is nice,” Chantel told her mom.

“Well, don’t you think you need to find you something to do?"

“Not really,” Chantel answered in a whiny voice, apparently anticipating what her mom was getting ready to say.

“Not really?”

“I’m doin’ something!” she protested.


“I’m watchin’ y’all!”

"Watchin' Y'all" Not an Occupation

Well, that was not good enough for her parents. As Kitten said, her daughter has not worked a day since the “mailbox money” started coming in, and it’s time for her to get out and do something. “We don’t mind helping our kids, but some things they need to do for themselves.”

“Well, she needs something to do, that’s for sure,” Gerald agreed with his wife, as Chantel sat there, looking like, well, she just wanted to sit around the pool and be left alone. “You can’t just sit around and do nothing. You’ve got to accomplish something.”

Even Chantel’s boyfriend, Albert, doesn’t sit around doing absolutely nothing. He has a lot of weird schemes, that’s true, but at least he’s trying new things, trying to be successful at something. In the end, most of his big dreams end in a washout, but at least he is doing more than just sitting around the pool.

Be EXCITED about Your Work!

Some people out there might think that it’s harsh of Gerald and Kitten, with all of that money coming in every month, to make their kids get out and work, but why shouldn’t they expect their kids to actually DO something? In fact, their kids have an incredible opportunity: To get out and do something that they actually WANT to do, as opposed to just having to slave away at something they hate, just to pay the rent and put food on the table. As Gerald told his daughter about her possibly getting back into cosmetology, “If you’ll go back to school, I’ll take some of this mailbox money and we’ll really help you.” But, he added, “It’s got to be YOU wanting to do this.” And, Kitten said, “When you get ready we’ll go for it, but I want you to be EXCITED about it.”

Chantel did go back and take a class, with Albert by her side—you can’t say that he’s not supportive—but they put their two heads together and came up with the idea of having a dog grooming business instead. Is it a good idea? Well, dog grooming is a legitimate business, and can be profitable when done properly. And, Chantel does seem to be a dog lover, as the only thing she actually does is take care of her dad’s dogs. But, like everything else, she and Albert are just jumping into it half-baked, cutting dogs’ hair into Mohawks, and putting crazy colors into their “extreme dog grooming” dreams. Maybe a little time with some dog grooming training would be advised? After all, in the second new Bayou Billionaires on the night, Kitten was able to get a couple of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to come down and teach the Dowdens to do a little dance for a local contest; surely they can find someone to train Chantel and Albert to properly groom a dog.

As sister Valerie said, “Here we go again.”

But, hey, at least Chantel is up and away from the pool.

Bayou Billionaires airs on Saturday nights on CMT at 9/8c.

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Image: CMT

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