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Bering Sea Gold introduces fans to new season of 'crazy'

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Discovery Channel says that, "Crazy is back in the water," but just how crazy is crazy gonna be this season?

It may be a new season for the crews on Bering Sea Gold, but, as Discovery Channel has indicated, a new season doesn’t mean a sane season—“crazy is back in the water.”

After months waiting, the Bering Sea Gold prospectors are back, and nothing looks calm in the upcoming season. Danger, determination, triumph, tragedy and, yes, gold—all of these things will make up the new season of Bering Sea Gold on the Discovery Channel.

Who Is Going for the Gold this Season?

“It’s addictive,” says opera singer wannabe Emily Riedel, which may explain why she keeps coming back for more, after a busted season with sometimes-boyfriend Zeke Tenhoff, including spending time Under the Ice, as fans will recall. This year, Zeke is captaining a larger, leased dredge, The Edge. Last year, it was just Zeke and Emily on Zeke’s dredge, The Clark—and it was a bust. “I need to make at least 400 ounces of gold,” Zeke said on last night's sneak peek, in order to dig out of his $250,000 of debt. But, he adds, “I never made anything near that.”

Vernon Adkison, the owner of the Wild Ranger, is back, and this year he intends to keep more closely involved with his operation. Last season, he accused captain Scott Meisterheim of stealing gold, after reaping less than an ounce for the entire season, a charge Scott denied. This year, after investing over $500,000, Adkison intends to be a hands-on owner, sans Scott, and is looking for 100+ ounces.

Fans who enjoyed the insanity that was Scott Meisterheim, however, do not have to worry. He may not be welcome on the Wild Ranger, but Scott is back with his own dredge, the appropriately named Anchor Management. “Last year, complete failure; I got nothin’,” Scott said. But, this year he needs to get something—a lot of something—to pay the massive child support he keeps saying is going to send him to jail for years. Will it? Well, it hasn’t yet—could this be the year?

And, the largest operation of the fleet, the Christine Rose, will be back. With a huge dredge and necessary crew, there are a lot of bills to pay, and a lot of people getting checks, but last year they only found 766 ounces of gold—sounds like a lot, but with a $750,000 overhead, it is little more than breaking even. Steve Pomrenke, owner of the Christine Rose, explained, “Just to pay the bills and pay the labor and the insurance and the permits, that’s gonna take three-quarters of a million dollars. So, that means that we need to make 800 to 900 ounces to have a successful season."


How Crazy is Crazy?

So, how crazy will crazy get under the Bering Sea? Well, if last year’s craziness is any indication—and if last night’s sneak peek is accurate—these people have gold fever times about 100, plus a lot of them seem to have extreme ego issues and anger management problems. And, with so many family members out there—including the Pomrenkes on the Christine Rose; the Adkisons on the Wild Ranger; and the Riedels who, although they are on separate boats (Steve on the Wild Ranger and Emily on The Edge) will probably find a way to clash—as well as close friendships put to the test, the misunderstandings and arguments are likely to get really personal really quickly.

And, one question: Did anyone out there find it odd that Zeke would start out his new venture by hiring a guy he described as “not very reliable and drinks a lot. … he’s probably one of the least reliable people I know.”

Okay—crazy really is back in the water; get a look at it here:

Bering Sea Gold begins its new season next Friday, January 4, on the Discovery Channel at 10/9c.

UPDATED: Huliq interview with Bering Sea Gold cast member Emily Riedel.

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Bering Sea Gold

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