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Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice season finale hurrying crews off rotten ice

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Working the night shift has the Lazy Gator getting gold around the clock as the season comes to an end on the Discovery Channel tonight.

When the ice is melting fast, it is time to get off of it, lest you be under it for good; that is what the gold-seekers of Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice are finding out this week as the season comes to an end in the finale tonight on the Discovery Channel.

The Lazy Gator crew is running on fumes as the season closes. The rotten ice has all of the crews hesitant about continuing to dredge, but the Lazy Gator is getting in that last push by working around the clock. In a Web Exclusive video, the night crew talks about how they are feeling as the season closes.

“I’m tired, hopin’ I’m not gonna fall asleep,” Jesse says. “You never know, but I feel pretty good. Got a couple of shots of ginseng in me, and a coffee. I have a Red Bull and a 5-Hour Energy for reserve. I ate a good meal earlier and I have something to snack on; I don’t see why I can’t pull an extra eight hours. … I did manage to get 30 minutes of sleep, so that was nice. I remember back in high school, I could stay up all night long, sometimes two days in a row, just because we could, play video games and stuff. So, I’m sure I’ll be able to handle it, for the money that we’re making.”

Good point; the Lazy Gator has been at the front of the gold count all season.

Shedding Light on the Night

Jacob takes the first dive of the night, as Jesse stays up top.

As the sun goes down, they try to get more light under the ice. Apparently the plan is to drill a couple of holes with the auger and drop some dive lights under the ice, to help brighten up the darkness. But, the auger is not cooperating—it seems to be as tired as the crew, and just is not performing. So, Jesse takes a shop light and lays it directly on the ice.

“How’s that brotha?”

“It’s pretty bright,” Jacob says. “It’s a little bit off, but it’ll be alright for right now.”

Jesse keeps trying to drop the dive lights using the sluggish auger, but at least the improvised fix will do the job in the meantime.

Whatever works.

The season finale of Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice airs tonight, Friday, September 21, on the Discovery Channel at 9/8c.

Check out the Web Exclusive video, “Night Shift,” here:

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UPDATED: 'After the Dredge' begins tonight

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice

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