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Bering Sea Gold: Zeke gets trapped Under the Ice tonight

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What happens when someone loses their weight belt under the ice? Find out tonight on Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice on the Discovery Channel.

One of the scariest prospects of Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice is simply what the title implies: Becoming trapped under the ice. Zeke faces that scary possibility tonight.

After his weight belt pops off and falls to the bottom of the Bering Sea floor, Zeke finds himself pinned against the ice, due to his buoyancy. Of course, helpful as ever, Emily has no idea of his difficulties as he screams and shouts, trying to get back to the open hole in the ice, as she jogs around singing her “opera” (although, to be fair, she probably could not have helped him, anyway). Fortunately, the loss of the belt does not come to his drowning.

“Are you okay?” Emily asks as Zeke comes through the ice, choking and in a panic.

“NO! My weight belt fell off! And I just shot up to the top!” he yells. A bit more calm, he explains, “I couldn’t keep myself down. And it’s like, if I got stuck up there on that slippery ice, trying to find my hole, and I lost my air, yeah, I probably would have died. I’d have drowned. And, it’s frustrating, because there’s a bunch of gold down there, but I’m too buoyant to get down to the bottom to get the gold.”

Without his weight belt, Zeke decides a little diver ingenuity is in order.

“I need about 100 pounds of weight to keep me on the bottom. What we need to do is engineer some kind of weight belt that works,” he tells Emily.

Taking some weights they have around the shack, Emily starts trying to weigh Zeke down by placing them in his boots. “Ghetto fabulous,” she says.

Still, it's not enough, and Emily has to put in a call for help—to the banished Steve.

“This is the stupidest idea!” Zeke yells underwater as they execute Steve’s, um, solution.

Will Zeke accept help from his now-nemesis Steve? And, if he does, will his crazy plan even work? Oh, and what exactly IS that crazy plan?

Stay tuned.

Bering Sea Gold:Under the Ice airs tonight on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. E/P.

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UPDATED: Season comes to a close as crews work on rotten ice

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Bering Sea Gold:Under the Ice

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