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Breaking Amish: Alliances begin to form in New York City

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The five young people of Breaking Amish on TLC may all be from similar backgrounds, but they are definitely not similar personalities.

Breaking Amish continues following five young people in the big city of New York on TLC. Leaving was a dream for all five of the young people, but now that they have broken free of their Amish and Mennonite chains, are they finding reality as appealing as they were sure it would be?

These five are now in the process of answering all of those “what ifs?” But, it may be that the answers they are finding are not all they hoped it would be. Their first big challenge was to just get on the plane and get going. Abe and Rebecca were hitting it off before they ever even got to the airport.

“I definitely want to get to know Rebecca a little bit better,” Abe said in a camera cameo. “She’s hot.”

Sabrina, as the only Mennonite of the group, was feeling like an outsider among outsiders.

“I feel a little like an outsider being the only Mennonite because I don’t know how they’re going to react to me. I just really hope they like me. I hope we can be friends and I hope we can hang out and have a blast. It’s gonna be so much fun.”

All three were scared to get on the plane, and of course had never been on one. But, that’s not unusual; a lot of people have never been on planes and are scared to death of the prospect. So, Rebecca, Sabrina and Abe can take comfort in the fact that they have that in common with many non-Amish/Mennonites in society, at least. Okay, perhaps most would not be quite as terrified as Rebecca, with the tears and near fainting, but, then again, there are definitely those who have a real phobia of flying, and would be just as reactive as she was, were they in the same situation.

Abe started as the real cheerleader of the group, ready to take as many flights as he can, see everything possible, and take in the whole New York experience.

“I’ve risked everything going to New York,” he said, “but I have to try and be free.”

Hotels were new to the trio. As a Mennonite, Sabrina is accustomed to electricity, but Rebecca was turning on and off everything, while Sabrina was munching down on the complimentary donuts. Abe was fascinated with running water, describing how he had to mix hot and cold water together to bathe back home.

“As of now,” he confirmed, after checking out his entire room, “I’m loving it.”

The buildings, the noise, the congestion; all were new to the them, as was following directions. No matter who tried to help them, they kept getting lost. But, they did finally make it to Times Square. Abe continued to be fascinated, but the luster of NYC was already wearing off for Sabrina and Rebecca.

“If this is what the city is like, I never want to be here,” Rebecca commented.

The three bonded pretty well over their new experience, but the group was not quite complete. Kate arrived to join the girls, and it proved one thing about human nature: Jealousy strikes everyone, regardless of your particular religion. Before she even arrived, Rebecca was worried, because she had heard that Kate was really pretty.

“I just hope she doesn’t like Abe or anything like that,” Rebecca told Sabrina. “I hope she doesn’t screw that up.”

New Arrivals Shake Things Up

When Kate arrived, Rebecca really turned snippy, picking at Sabrina about how much she eats, and refusing to share a bed with one of the girls, calling the front desk about a roll-a-way. She also pronounced Kate not so pretty and not living up to the hype.

Jeremiah arrived on a train and, like Kate, was on his own in finding the others, but, like Abe, he was embracing the experience. But, Abe and Jeremiah had nothing in common—did not really hit it off, to say the least. Jeremiah was ready to shed most everything Amish and party (although he seemed to be more critical about the women when they were doing something non-Amish sanctioned); Abe wanted to experience English life, but was definitely not ready to let go of his heritage to that extreme.

Rebecca had nothing to worry about, Abe-wise; Kate immediately pronounced the guys, “Not my type. At all.” Rebecca should have been more concerned about her roommates’ bonding than with Kate and Abe. It didn’t take long for Kate and Sabrina to be laughing at her behind her back and scheming to find—and hide—her false teeth. They did find them, but, apparently, did not go as far as to hide them, thank goodness. But, their teaming and scheming does not bode well for Rebecca in the future; she may find herself facing down a couple of really catty roomies before it is all over.

Stay tuned.

Breaking Amish airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 10/9c.

UPDATE: Could Breaking Amish be a fake?

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Submitted by Darleen (not verified) on
I doesn't the cast or someone in charge show the young adults were to find shows, schooling, etc.? The yound adults cannot live in a hotel free forever. Each must be shown how to make a living in N.Y. . Even if it is soup kitchens, it would be a start. Someone must help them to begin their new lives.

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