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Can Gator Boys handle monster gators of Mississippi in Season Two?

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Fans are ready to get back into gator wrestling and relocating with Paul and Jimmy, and a day-long Gator Boys marathon on Animal Planet sets the mood for tonight's season premiere.

Following a day-long marathon of Gator Boys favorites and X-tra Bites, Paul, Jimmy and the gang are back on Animal Planet tonight, but relocating their efforts to Mississippi.

With their Florida rescue mission undergoing a major renovation, Paul and Jimmy travel to Mississippi and find that the gators in the Southern swamplands are not exactly the same creatures they fish out of ponds in the backyards of fellow Floridians. The gators in the Magnolia State are bigger and meaner than anything they have ever encountered in their rescues, and the people don’t seem to cut the two fish-out-of-water any more slack than the gators. Wrestle a gator and relocate it? Not the solution of most Mississippians, who prefer the elimination method. So, while the Gator Boys’ Florida clients expect the remove-and-relocate style of Paul and Jimmy, the duo is going to have to do some real fast talking—and wrestling—to bring their Mississippi hosts over to their way of thinking, at least temporarily.

Tonight, the move begins. According to Animal Planet:

After years building their alligator rescue program, the Gator Boys must leave Everglades Holiday Park. Jimmy finds a gator ranch in Mississippi, but Paul is reluctant to move and work for someone else. Paul must decide if they will move or close forever.

Monster Mississippi Gators

Paul and Jimmy think they can handle anything, but Mississippi yields some gators with bite-potentials the Gator Boys have never seen:

Now, that is a gator the for-profit hunters would love to get to before the Gator Boys!

Back Tonight!

Gator Boys sophomore season premiere airs on Animal Planet tonight, Sunday, January 06, at 9 p.m. E/P, following a day-long marathon of Gator Boys favorites and X-tra Bites.

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Gator Boys

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