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Carlos's jealousy, anger towards Ronnie boil over on Operation Repo

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Ronnie still believes that everyone is being supportive of him and his recent raise and promotion, but he is about to learn the truth.

Things are still stirred up on Operation Repo, following Lou’s decision to give Ronnie a raise and announce it to the entire crew. Carlos isn’t taking it well, and wants a raise, too—and he’s willing to do anything to get it.

This week, he went to Sonia, trying to convince her that Ronnie is being over-intimidating on jobs.

“I’ve been out with Ronnie, and I’ve seen him in action,” Sonia said to Carlos. “The other guys have never had a complaint. But, I’m gonna tell you: I’ve been out with you, and I’ve seen what you’re about.” Oh, you’re not gonna get one over on Sonia, Carlos. But, she did agree to check it out and, notably, Carlos was a little too agreeable and pleasant for someone who had just basically been accused of being not on the up-and-up.

“Either Ronnie’s doing something behind my back, or Carlos is up to something,” Sonia said in a camera cameo. “I’m going to go ahead and look into it before things just get out of control.”

Too late?


Ronnie’s a big guy, and just seeing him could be intimidating. And, when he has to, he takes care of business. But, he is totally in control and laid back—Carlos is just barking up the wrong tree with that one. Even when a guy literally dropped all of his clothes and climbed up their tow truck, he kept his cool and got the keys. Honestly, if there was ever a time to get upset, it was when “sandwich boy,” as Ronnie called him, was leaving, um, skid marks on the handle of his Porsche as Ronnie climbed in and took it.

“I gotta tell you right now, it would have worked on me, because I didn’t want nothing to do with it," Matt said in a camera cameo. "But, Ronnie? You gotta give him kudos. He took control of the situation; he took the car.”

This is the out-of-control, over-intimidating repo man Carlos is trying to tell Sonia about?

Ronnie's Eyes Are Opened

Ronnie was blissfully unaware of Carlos’s anger and jealousy toward him, but it finally came to a confrontation this week. Luckily, no one was hurt, although they easily could have been, with Carlos’s mind on how to get revenge rather than how to get his repos accomplished.

“Why do you have to be such a vengeful b@@@@@@?” Sonia asked Carlos after her investigation. “I don’t know what your scheme is, but you need to stop. … That’s all I’m telling you.” After finding out his scheme to defame Ronnie did not work, he turned against his one-time friend full-force. The target of the repo the two were working kept waving a hammer at Carlos and Ronnie as he talked, definitely in a threatening manner. Then, as the owner of the house where the repo target was working got in Ronnie and Carlos’s face, the target was able to get in his van and drive away, dragging Carlos. Of course, Carlos blamed it all on Ronnie, and finally, his anger spilled over.

“Don’t let that jealousy get in your heart,” Ronnie told him, but it appears that it is just too late, as he not only blamed Ronnie for the repo, but blamed him for his not getting a raise, too, saying that he should have told Lou that Carlos was working just as hard, and should get more money, too.

Over-the-top, Carlos, over-the-top, not to mention straight-up wrong. Perhaps your attitude is a reflection of why Lou has not felt inclined to give you a raise?

Just a thought.

Will Carlos be able to get his jealousy and anger under control, or is his time limited on Operation Repo?

Stay tuned.

Operation Repo airs on truTV on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m.

Image: truTV

Video: truTV/Operation Repo

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