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Cast of Amish Mafia steps up, speaks out tonight on Discovery

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Season One of the Discovery Channel's Amish Mafia has wrapped, but tonight fans will get to hear from the cast on an all-new episode, "The Reckoning."

Fans of Amish Mafia will be tuning in tonight to hear from the cast themselves, to find out just what they thought of the first season of Amish Mafia on the Discovery Channel, and some cast members may find out a few things about each other they did not know before the season started.

Lebanon Levi

In “The Reckoning,” fans will no doubt hear from the top Lancaster man himself, Lebanon Levi. Levi started the season in a blaze of glory, introduced as THE man to reckon with in the so-called Amish mafia, but as the season closes, he is definitely seeing some problems one would not expect him to be having if he truly wielded the power that has been suggested on the show previously. Apparently he cannot even leave his office without having it burned to the ground, records, money and all, or leave his car parked on a city street without having it trashed by his competitor. So, do people really fear Levi as has been suggested? Or, if they did, will they now, since his authority has obviously been compromised.


Fans are probably hoping to hear more from Esther, as well. Overall, Esther has not been presented as the “old order” Amish she is supposed to be—or, if she is, she certainly is not what most would think of as a representative Amish woman. On the show, she has been presented as a man-using machine, chewing them up and spitting them out—at least, she seems to have done that with Levi and his former worker, Jolin.


Described as “Levi’s Righteous Soldier” on the Discovery Channel website, Jolin’s involvement with Levi’s dream woman, Esther, started him on a downhill slide in which Esther appeared to have fostered Jolin’s dissatisfaction with his position in Levi’s little gang, ultimately resulting in Jolin deciding he was being mistreated and leaving. Was he really being mistreated? Was leaving the right move? Was getting involved with Esther a big, big mistake? Perhaps these questions will be addressed with Jolin tonight.


Speaking of having one’s mind twisted by a trusted advisor, John, Esther’s brother, seems to have gotten the full-force of his sister’s rampage for power. Her “goal” was to have her brother take Levi’s place as the head enforcer in Lancaster, and it was clear she planned to continue to pull his strings if that happened. But, little John, he just does not have what it takes to be a leader of men, at least not at this point—he is too young, too easily swayed, and apparently unable to make a single decision that does not land him in hot water with somebody. So, if we hear from him tonight, whatever he says will no doubt be someone else’s words and opinions, not his own.


Merlin will also be another cast member fans will be looking forward to hearing from on “The Reckoning.” It is hard to predict what he will have to say, but it will probably be about himself, as that seems to be his favorite topic. The bishop listens to him, he told John, but after he was shunned for his actions against Levi, perhaps he had to face the fact that he is not as “all-powerful” in his community as he believes. No doubt fans will learn more about the shunning—and its consequences—tonight on “The Reckoning.”

Once and for All: Is It Real?

And, without a doubt, tonight fans will be looking for the answer to the question that has been asked throughout the first season of this show: Is there really such a thing as the Amish Mafia, or is the whole thing simply a Discovery Channel reality show creation for fans' amusement? Regardless, fans will no doubt be watching, as Amish Mafia has been a runaway hit for the network.

Stay tuned.

Amish Mafia airs on Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Amish Mafia


Submitted by Terry (not verified) on
I'm not one for reality shows but was pleasantly surprised by this one.An interesting look into a closed society.And its sure more interesting then watching a bunch of 20 something bums getting drunk and acting like horses asses in a free house,and get paid no less!

Submitted by Evon (not verified) on
Actually I will agree with you on that one.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
We were watching the interviews with the cast members when my wife and I realized Levi's new man, "Big Steve" was the guy who took our family on a buggy ride around the community when we visited Lancaster County last spring.

Submitted by Terry (not verified) on
That guy would be impossible to forget.What's he like 6"8.Scary looking too...I guess he takes Joins place?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Actually, he's maybe 6'2" or so. They are making him look bigger on the show like he's their "Muscle" or something.

Submitted by Terry (not verified) on
I think he is their muscle now Jolin quit.And I'm 6'2 but that guy looks bigger but your right that the camera angles do make him SEEM larger.

Submitted by Terry (not verified) on
I think he is their muscle now Jolin quit.And I'm 6'2 but that guy looks bigger but your right that the camera angles do make him SEEM larger.


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