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CDC, Doomsday Preppers working together to help save lives

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A crisis can happen at any time, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Doomsday Preppers are working together to get an important message out to the public: Start prepping.

The National Geographic Channel’s #1 hit series Doomsday Preppers is gearing up with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to encourage viewers to prepare for a potential crisis or disaster in their area.

Hurricane Sandy’s lingering effects on New York and New Jersey have demonstrated how unrelenting nature’s aftermath can be, especially if one is caught unprepared by a natural disaster or other crisis. To this end, the National Geographic Channel and Doomsday Preppers are working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide the public with basic, practical preparedness tips to survive in a crisis. The series, which launched its second season Nov. 13 to record ratings, focuses on the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are preparing for what they see as the end of the world, with experts analyzing the thoroughness of their preps.

Though the individuals and families featured in the show may take things to the extreme, the show’s message of being prepared for a crisis is one no one should overlook. To encourage viewers to have a plan of their own, the Doomsday Preppers will showcase tips online and on-air drawn from the CDC’s Web portal at These tips may include:

  • Have one gallon of water per person/per day with a three-gallon supply for evacuation or a two-day supply for home.
  • Make a disaster supply kit that includes water, dried and canned food, flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies and a digital thermometer.
  • Meet with your family to create a disaster plan for each type of possible emergency (e.g., earthquakes, dangerous weather, fires).

“We hear from fans of Doomsday Preppers often that even our most eccentric characters don’t just make great TV, they also leave an impression about the importance of being prepared for an emergency,” said Courteney Monroe, chief marketing officer for the National Geographic Channels. “The CDC is the perfect organization to partner with to give our viewers practical steps that they can take to get themselves prepared to survive different types of disasters.”

The on-air and online campaign will begin with the Dec. 11 episode of Doomsday Preppers, and continue throughout the run of shows into 2013.

Tonight's Episode, "Taking from the Haves"

Doomsday Preppers airs on the National Geographic Channel on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. Tonight’s December 4th episode, “Taking from the Haves,” is described by NatGeo as follows:

Meet Jeff Bushaw, a full-time prepper who fears the eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano and is ready to fly his family to safety. Allen and Franco are neighbors who are preparing for a breakdown of the world food system. They have each built their own aquaponic systems, gardens, and greenhouses to create a self-sustainable lifestyle. John Adrain is an inventor who fears a wide range of disasters. He focuses on security and has turned his estate into a technological fortress.

Stay tuned.

Image: National Geographic Channel

Video: National Geographic Channel/Doomsday Preppers

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