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Chaos overtaking Tremont Towing on South Beach Tow

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Things are going downhill, and going downhill fast for Tremont Towing on truTVs South Beach Tow.

It seems like there is always a panic at Tremont Towing, and with Robert Sr.’s loan coming due in just a few days, that panic is increasing to new levels.

Robert Sr. is going to be out of commission for at least two months, leaving Christie and Robert Jr. to keep things running. Robbie is working tows during the day and doing dispatch at night, and Christie is doing the dayshift dispatch, and trying to hire a new dispatcher, with very little to choose from, including a woman who wanted to bring her cats to work, and another guy who wanted to have an hour and a half for lunch, so that he could eat slowly due to ulcers.

Things are not looking up at Tremont Towing.

Big-Booty, Sexy-Scary Stalker

On the comical/scary side, Jerome had a stalker hiding in his truck with his lunch on last week's episode. When she jumped out on him in the cab, he about lost it on the road—and she lost it on the side of the road. When he told her he did not want her, calling her a stalker, she seriously tried to pull his clothes off on the side of the road:

Oh, the price one pays being that sexy J-Money!

Until Stolen Tow Did They Part

There were some funny moments, to be sure, last week on South Beach Tow, but when it came down to it, panic was on the agenda—and it continues tonight. According to truTV:

With Larry’s loan due in ten days, news of an impending tropical storm throws the Tremont crew into a panic.

And, it didn’t help when Goodfellas took a tow right out from under Bernice and Jerome’s noses last week, because Jerome was busy trying to play J-Money, and almost got a whippin’ from a flirty woman’s husband:

But, Bernice may have just the answer for Tremont Towing’s woes.

Her mother.

Bernice AND her mother at Tremont Towing?

Watch out.

Stay tuned for tonight’s new episode of South Beach Tow on truTV at 9:30 p.m.

UPDATED: Bernice's mom onboard with Tremont Towing

Image: truTV

Videos: truTV/South Beach Tow

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