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Chasing UFOs: Another Finding Bigfoot on National Geographic

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Chasing UFOs on the National Geographic Channel probably is not going to prove to the world that there are beings from other planets watching us here on Earth, but it is funny.

Chasing UFOs on National Geographic: Well, at least it is funny.

As a fan of Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet—those guys are hilarious, too—it was easy to get into Chasing UFOs, for the same reasons. It was pretty obvious that the producers of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot—Ping Pong Productions—had to have had a hand in National Geographic Channel's Chasing UFOs, as well. The entire set-up, after all, for Chasing UFOs was lifted off of Finding Bigfoot—the “specialists” riding around, discussing their next destination for exploration; the town hall gatherings; the obviously clear video evidence; and, of course, the night vision equipment.

The three, um, experts are Erin Ryder, “tech and recon” person; Ben McGee, physical scientist and skeptic of the bunch; and James Fox, UFOlogist and an absolute believer in UFOs (of course, by definition, a UFO is anything that is unidentified and flying, right? Doesn’t mean that it has to be from some far away land, does it?). Much like the Finding Bigfoot group, they bumble and stumble around in the dark, finding nothing and, in fact, probably leading some skeptics to conclude that, in fact, there could not possibly be any such thing as visitors from another planet.

But, they are funny; you have to give them that much.

Whispers in the Night (Vision)

Last night’s episode was at Kennedy Space Center. The trio was flailing around in the dark, trying to determine if, in fact, alien probes or whatever have been flying around, trying to gather information about our now-defunct space program, mostly at night, of course. Now, something that struck me as odd, personally, watching the show for the first time (regrettably, I am coming to this series late, but do look forward to catching up with the team), was how they apparently feel it is necessary to whisper when they are in the middle of nowhere. Is it just a function of being out and hunting at night that makes them feel that they must whisper? The bigfoot hunters, they are always whispering so as not to scare away any potential bigfoots, of course; but when these guys are out in the middle of the water at Kennedy Space Center, is it really necessary to whisper? I mean, they are speeding along in a motorboat; is it likely that speaking in regular volumes are going to alert someone beyond what that motorboat will?

And, of course, Ryder and James, they are much as Matt and Bobo on Finding Bigfoot: They will believe basically anything. When Ben presented them with realistic explanations of what had been captured on the various clips of video footage, Ryder and James wanted no part of it.

“I legitimately think that what I captured is an object, not a reflection,” Ryder said of her video recording, “and that Ben’s just jealous.”

“I’ve investigated UFO sightings for a long time, and I’ve heard stories of these orbs," James said. "After having met with witnesses, seen some very impressive photographs and video footage, I’m convinced that there are probes over the state of Florida, most likely from another world.”

No surprise there.

Are there UFOs from another world probing around on Earth? Perhaps. But, so far, these three don’t strike me as the ones who are going to prove it to the world.

But, they are funny, so stay tuned.

Chasing UFOs airs on National Geographic Channel on Friday nights at 10 p.m.

UPDATE: Does Roswell have a sister city in South America?

Image: Wikimedia Commons


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I believe your review is spot on. I wonder who at NatGeo thought this crap belongs on their channel. It's more suited for TruTV.

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