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Chasing UFOs: Does Roswell have a sister city in South America?

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James Fox is convinced that Varginha, Brazil, is conclusively the "Roswell of South America;" Ryder and McGee, not so much.

This week on the National Geographic Channel’s Chasing UFOs, the team headed off to Varginha, Brazil, known to some as the “Roswell of South America.”

Supposedly, “live creatures” were seen and/or captured at a Varginha site in 1996. Allegedly, there was a crash, and the aliens were roaming around the town. Rumor is they continue to roam the jungles today. No surprise, team member and "ufologist" James Fox considered the alleged incident extremely significant, based on the facts that it happened fairly recently and that there are still some alleged eyewitnesses available to interview.

“The fact that it made no news in America? That’s amazing,” Fox commented.

Perhaps there is a valid reason for that?

“We have a UFO, a crash site, and aliens supposedly running around in the jungle?” Erin Ryder said. “If this isn’t an investigation for us, I don’t know what is.”

True enough.

UFO researcher A.J. Gevaerd was the expert on the case who the team spoke with about the incident.

“They were small guys with big heads. Their skin was brown and big black veins. Only three fingers on the hands. And big, red eyes.”

According to Gevaerd, the 23-year-old man who captured the second alien from the crash died after only a few days. “It’s like his immune system was shut down,” Gevaerd said. And, Gevaerd alleged, the military denied the death of the young man for a year.

Also according to Gevaerd, there are currently 100-200 eyewitnesses still in Varginha.

The team decided to do an overnight in the jungle—bring out the night vision goggles!

It’s funny, when they go on these treks, they seem so hopeful; it’s hard not to feel bad for them when they ultimately do not find what they are looking for, in this case an alien with red eyes, brown skin, big black veins and three fingers on each hand, just running around in the jungle. They really seem to believe that they will come back with their target alien—or, at least, proof that he/she/it exists—and are surprised when they do not.

“Last night was creepy,” Ryder said of their overnight stay. “It didn’t prove to be fruitful for aliens.”

Oh, well.

Talking with Brigadier General Jose Pereira of the Brazilian Air Force revealed that the military has been attempting to make known, unclassified information as available to the public as possible, but he confirmed that classified information, such as finding the body of an alien, if it existed, would not be released. Fox extrapolated from what the general said that there was definite proof that aliens existed, but it had not been released—quite a jump to make, it seems, especially considering that the general was not offering the team theoretical situations, simply answering the questions the team posed to him. And, Fox’s teary response after interviewing some witnesses seemed quite overblown. Fox is passionate about this alien chasing, yes, but moments like that, well, they don’t really seem to help his credibility; they just make him look a bit more unreasonably obsessed.

Fox Believes, No Matter What

Ben McGee, ever the skeptical scientist, did not appear to be moved by his teammate into reaching a positive conclusion on the existence of aliens in the Brazilian jungle, particularly after concluding that an alien photo was simply a hoax made via computer. Even Ryder was skeptical:

“People say that this is the Varginha crash site. And that’s the biggest missing piece of the puzzle: Where is this supposed crash site? Without that, I can’t even validate one part of the story, let alone the whole thing.”

But, even with absolutely no physical evidence whatsoever, Fox was convinced that the rumors are true: “Having met with the general, having met with A.J., and having met with the three primary witnesses who claim to have seen this creature, I am fairly convinced that something truly extraordinary took place, and most likely something from out of this world.”

No surprise there.

Chasing UFOs airs on the National Geographic Channel on Friday nights at 10 p.m.

Image: Wikimedia Commons


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I love the UFO's, I have a couple aliens friends, they are nice.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I love the UFO's, I have a couple aliens friends, they are nice.

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