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Dargers filmed one-hour special at time of Sister Wives guest appearance

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My Three Wives airing as a one-hour special this month on TLC.

Fans who loved the Dargers on Sister Wives this week will be excited to learn that TLC will be airing a one-hour special on December 18, My Three Wives, featuring the family.

My Three Wives, while still not listed as a series on the TLC website at the time of this writing, has been cited as a “one-hour special” by the Dargers, and is on the TLC schedule. The Dargers posted the following message on Facebook less than 24 hours previous to this writing:

It is official, TLC will air "My Three Wives" a 1 hr special we filmed at the same time we filmed the guest appearance on Sisterwives on Tuesday, December 18th, 10PM ET.

Will that translate into a full-time series to follow? There is still no official word on the life of a potential My Three Wives series, but it is looking more and more like that is direction in which the Darger-TLC relationship is moving.

According to TLC, the special will introduce viewers to the “original ‘Big Love’”:

Joe Darger married his wife, Alina and the very same day also married Alina's cousin, Vicki. Joe's third wife is Vicki's twin sister, Val. Take a step inside the original "Big Love" and meet the polygamist family that started it all.

For those who may not be familiar with the Dargers, Joe Darger is married to three wives: Alina, Vicki, and Vicki’s twin sister, Val. In fact, Joe married Alina and her cousin Vicki on the same day—unprecedented even in polygamist culture, TLC indicates. The family lives in one home, with one husband, three wives and 23 children. And, some of the children are not only “coming of age,” they are presenting their parents with some uniquely modern situations, such as Joe discovering via Facebook that his daughter is engaged.

Stay tuned for more of this introduction to the Darger family on December 18, when the one-hour special of My Three Wives airs on TLC at 10 p.m.

UPDATED: My SisterWife's Closet not a hit with show fans.

Image: TLC

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