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Dave faces Dual Survival debacle head-on in YouTube video

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Dave Canterbury has finally addressed the ongoing Dual Survival hosting controversy, facing his fans and asking for forgiveness in a new YouTube video.

Dave Canterbury has finally addressed the public turmoil swirling around his disappearance from the popular Discovery Channel series Dual Survival.

Many people have speculated as to whether or not Dave lied on his resume, i.e. did he embellish his experience? Discovery Channel has never formally addressed the issue, which has done nothing but fuel the fires of online chats and message boards. And, many fans have angrily expressed their disappointment in the one-time reality star, others indicating hurt feelings and sadness over the situation—at least, the situation as it has been rumored to be to this point.

“I did,” Dave says honestly in a YouTube video posted on January 3, 2013, regarding whether or not he embellished some points on his resume. “I didn’t do it to hurt anyone,” he explains, “I didn’t do it to make things difficult for anyone in my family. I actually did it to, number one, better my family,” he says, “and, number two, to be able to bring the skills that I teach to a mass audience.”

Upon applying to be a part of the show and sending the resume to the Discovery Channel, Dave says that he thought it wasn’t a big deal. “There was nothing sinister in my plan,” he explains. “I was naïve to television, naïve to the entertainment industry, naïve to the way things work, and I just thought, ‘no harm, no foul.’”

Yes Harm, Yes Foul

Dave says emphatically that, yes, “Absolutely,” he regrets the embellishment. But, he goes on to add that he is not perfect—none of us are—and that he has “tried to live past it and live through it as best I can. In my school of thought, you don’t go backwards, you only go forward.”

In going forward, Dave has drawn heavily on his Christian beliefs to see him through the darker days. “I have asked forgiveness from God, from Jesus, I have asked forgiveness from my family, and now I’m asking forgiveness from my subscribers and from my friends.”

Dave Emphasizes Real-Life Experience

Fans are now wondering just how much actual outdoors/survivalist experience Dave actually has, but he indicates that he has been working in harsh, outdoors situations, on and off, since he left the military in 1988. “The reason I started the Pathfinder School to begin with was to help pass on some of the things that I have learned, and to learn along the way with the people on YouTube. That is why my motto has always been, ‘Let’s learn together,’” indicating that he learns from his YouTube subscribers every day.

It is clear that Dave is learning from his mistakes regarding the Dual Survival debacle, and is, hopefully, taking what he has learned with him as he goes forward and is putting it all into practice. Closing the video, he states, “I will strive every day for the rest of my life to be a better man, a better Christian.” Additionally, he thanks God and again apologizes for any wrongdoings he has done, and for any hurts he has caused along the way during this more-than-trying time.

Will Fans Forgive?

Many fans have been harsh, but others have been understanding of Dave's situation. Perhaps we should all ask ourselves at least one question: Who among us HASN’T embellished a resume at some point? If not for a formal work resume, shined ourselves up to make a better impression for some other important aspect of our lives? Perhaps, if we really think about his words, we will be better able to understand and maybe even forgive.

Just a thought.

Dual Survival airs on Tuesday nights on the Discovery Channel at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Did Cody, Joe turn trust-building corner in Hawaii?

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Submitted by bg (not verified) on
I gave it a chance but will refuse to watch this new guy run around trying to prove himself by overacting and the way he is overly dramatic trying to kill an animal is ridiculous. Miss Dave.

Submitted by geosmdavic (not verified) on
He is not real.. When he ate the grub, it was fake.. The pig kill was fake.. Cause wild pig in snares go mad. Thanks god Cody shot him down about the whole I got shot in the leg thing in episode 2 ... It's about not getting hurt in the field you idiot.. Not who can take pain.. I laughed when Cody said he left his violen .. But in really this is not what I want to watch... I want to learn.. How to find water in the desert... How to make wicki ups.. That first shelter Cody made in season one episode one was way cool cause that stuff I have in my car.. So yes let's I would love for them to get back to teaching us how to make it.. Cause we are watching..but joe is not a techer..

Submitted by Larry (not verified) on
, Really hate to see Dave gone, ok so the guy told a little lie to make him self more appealing who hasn’t at some point in their lives. I used to love watching this show would even watch re-runs because it was better then anything else on TV. But Discovery has really screwed the pooch on this one, this new guy is horrible combative, annoying, know it all, self involved jerk, I have tried twice now to watch it and just can’t stomach the guy. Thanks Discovery for ruining a good show hope your share of viewers’ share plummets and sponsors run like the woods are on fire.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
To bad that he embellished his credentials! I loved Dave and Cody together. They had a true friendship and worked together in a realistic way. That what I loved about the show.. Dave will be successful in what ever he decides to do. I predict that the show will go under without Dave. He made the show. Seems like there's been a lot of TV personal that have done much worse then this and there still going on pretty strong. I know I wont be watching the show any more. Dave you will go far! Just you wait and see. You have more fans out there then you will ever know. Believe Dave, believe

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Once again, the Discovery Channel had a good thing & messed it up. After watching the Season 3 special & the first two episodes of Season 3 of Dual Survival, I now know what I guess I've always known. Dual Survival was a very good, informative & interesting show because of Dave Canterbury. Although Cody is knowledgeable & can at times be informative, he can also be a little on the boring side, something that Dave never was. People watched Dual Survival, for the most part, because of Dave. Although Cody did his part (or what he could do), it was almost always Dave's contribution that made their scenario a success. I'm sure that Joe Teti is also knowledgeable & I greatly appreciate his service to our country (& Dave's service also), but the show is about survival. Dave is an extremely knowledgeable survivalist with a military background. Joe is a highly trained military warrior with some survival training. I'm sorry, but I don't see this working out for the long term. Cody is a little too boring & Joe is a little too inexperienced as a survival specialist. I'll watch at least a couple more episodes, but the show would be much better with Dave on it. Cody has always come across in a way that he tends to talk down to the viewer. Like "listen to me, I know everything." I've only seen a little of Joe, but he's suggests that we should just do things like a special operator would do it. Unfortunately, very few of us are special operators. Dave always related to the viewer more closely & as an equal. He is definitely "the workin' man's survivalist". From what I've seen so far, my days are numbered as a Dual Survival fan. - To Dave, I would just like to say, Thank you for sharing your knowledge & for all the good you've done. This fan forgives you & hopes to see you on TV again soon.

Submitted by Archer (not verified) on
The main thing about this show that both my father and myself enjoyed was that it would show two different, but compatable methods of overcoming various survival situations that everyday normal people could draw from if they needed to. Both required SOME knowldge or skill in specific areas however. Cody's methods are more passive, minimalist, using as little effort and burning as few calories as possible to achieve a goal. He also displayed superior knowldge of building shelter, and in Dave's own words is 'The god of primative firestarting'. BUT, its very dangrous to eat any plant you find outdoors, or to use an herb you find in the ground if you dont know EXACTLY what it is. You cant just have an idea or basic grasp, you need to know EXACTLY what you are dealing with. Still, his skills in making a base camp/shelter/sleeping platform are very easy to follow and duplicate. Dave was the more assertive/agressive method taker, builder and designer. Yes he did have a seemingly basic need for 'four legged furry critters' but even then you need some basic knowldge of hunting and food preperation. You cant just cut an animal open and cook it to eat, you have to prepare it, clean it, etc. Dave showed how to find the edible meat from a number of easy to catch animals very common around the world. He also showed very simple, very basic, VERY effective techniques and 'tricks' a person can use to help survive. I mean really, before seeing this show, and Dave more specifically, I had no idea just how valuable shoelaces and paracord can be in an imergency situation, or how to make a functioning compass with only a sewing needle, piece of string and a piece of cloth (I believe they uses silk). Point is, they each showed techniques and skills that people with limited knowldge or experence could use to survive. Dave's wrangling of the gator not withstanding. Joe on the other hand, not so much. Since the pig killing seems to be everyones favorite topic to poke at I'll do the same. Show of hands. How many people here A. Carry a knife capable of doing that, and B. Actually have the guts to tackle and then kill an animal that size? With one or two notable exceptions, Dave showed how to capture/kill small, managable critters that at worst could give a nasty bite or scratch. Wild pigs on the other hand? They a *very* dangrous, and I wouldnt advise anyone to try killing one themselves. Lastly, as many others have pointed out, Dave and Cody disagreed often, but they still respected each other and they both would give at times to allow the other to have what they know, compromise and cooperation. Joe however, just doesnt seem to be that good at working with others. I'm actually very surprised to hear everything they embelish about his military background because I have seen little evidence of its core. Yes he knows how to kill things, but isnt one of the main focus points of working in a military unit being able to work with others as a team? I see no teamwork here. Yes, Joe is trying to fill in a massive pair of empty boots, and is probably both trying to do so while finding his own place in the series. But that excuse doesnt cover outright ignoring or disrespecting another persons advice/skills.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Dave was fired from "Dual Survivor" for embellishing his resume (okay, let's be honest, who hasn't done that to some extent, even just a little). In a statement, Cody said "The goal of the survival instructor is to keep people alive. To accomplish this goal, honesty, integrity, trust and competence must come first. These core valves cannot be compromised or people's lives are needlessly put at risk. In a profession where human lives are at stake, dishonesty about ones background and experience is an inexcusable breach of trust." First of all Cody, tell us one instance where Dave did any of that during the show. His goal was to keep you and himself alive and show us how to do it. This he did, using those core values you stated. It was obvious to us, the viewer, that there definitely was trust between you two. However Cody, you are guilty of breaking those same core values while doing the show. You needlessly put yourself and Dave's lives at risk by wearing shorts and going barefoot in situations where no competent person would do so, like in below zero temperatures and snow. You would have us believe that in your scenario's, one of the lost hikers or stranded mountain climbers was doing so wearing shorts and going barefoot. Really? Dave may have broke those core values to get the job and only hurt himself and maybe you. This went on behind the scenes, I didn't know and didn't care. He never broke those core values to us. You however, broke those core values to us by needlessly putting your lives at risk and being incompetent (shorts and barefoot). If you truly hold the responsibility of being a survival skills instructor as sacred (as you have said), then you need to take a look at yourself and what you have done to us, the viewer. Dave was down to earth, a person whom most of us could relate to. He may have had some military training, but he didn't come off as so, unlike Joe, who is all military. Not many viewers can relate to him because of his style. If I had a choice whom I would want to be stranded with, it would be Dave. He was a teacher who took the time to explain what he was doing and why. Not so with GI Joe. I love the show, but am afraid you will lose this viewer unless changes (i.e. bringing back Dave) are made.

You have a great point; it is hard to imagine that someone in a "real life" scenario would be wearing shorts and no shoes in a snowstorm.

Submitted by jason wroten (not verified) on
Ok I watched dual survival almost religiously and this is what I took from both Cody and Dave. First off both would do very well to stab alive in a survival situation. I think both together would definitely survive until rescued. Both Cody and Dave had good survival techniques and applied them on the show for all of us to learn from. Second Dave no matter where he learned those skills learned them and shared them with us to better us it did him no good because Dave would survive whether he shared them with us or not if he was with cody. Third Cody knows ancient skills applied to his everyday life. Dave knew more modern day/ military techniques and applied them at least to us on the show. Now I believe that that was the intention of this show was to show us survival skills that have been here since our ancestors were here and to show us some skills that were tweeked from those ancient skills and some that had almost been completely forgotten period. Besides all that if you were suddenly to find yourself in a real survival situation, and I don't mean a weekend camping trip I mean a real survival situation, you better know some skills to help you survive or your NOT gonna make it. Now Cody I saw made fire. Made fire. He didn't have a lighter or a Flint n steel he made fire. Almost every episode he made fire with what he found while Dave went off and hunted. Dave's a good hunter but on the island he tried for over an hour to make fire with a bamboo friction technique. Cody came and did it in less that 30 mins. People making fire like that is difficult and has to be learned. Go try it see how long it takes you. They do not teach you that in the military. So Dave we understand ok. Cody has lived this in his everyday life or he would not be able to do it. Dave he's a good hunter but dude if you have no fire your eating it raw. If you don't have a way to make fire in a survival situation and you can't make fire you don't eat and you freeze. I saw Cody find water when if it was left up to Dave they would have dehydrated. I saw Dave make some good shelters and utilize military techniques but what if you have nothing at all when thrown into that situation. Lets say your in a plane crash its just you and your friend or family member in a two person plane. They die and you are left alone with nothing but your luggage. Did you pack a machete or a piston fire starter or a pocket saw? Probably not, who does, who today thinks like that? Well what do you do how do you get fire water shelter food? The same way Cody does. Yes Dave had some good survival skills but a bush man at best has survival skills. Cody is a survivalist. He lives it. Breathes it. Makes it. Does it. Dave is a bush man not a survivalist. My thought is if Dave was alone for three months in any wilderness without rescue he would probably die if he didn't have a lighter. As far as him lying on his resume that really has nothing to do with it because Cody as far as I know wasn't ever in the military and is a better survivalist than Dave.

Submitted by staffer2 (not verified) on
Cody did u write that? Haha Cody ur a joke....put sum shoes on !!


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