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Dave faces Dual Survival debacle head-on in YouTube video

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Dave Canterbury has finally addressed the ongoing Dual Survival hosting controversy, facing his fans and asking for forgiveness in a new YouTube video.

Dave Canterbury has finally addressed the public turmoil swirling around his disappearance from the popular Discovery Channel series Dual Survival.

Many people have speculated as to whether or not Dave lied on his resume, i.e. did he embellish his experience? Discovery Channel has never formally addressed the issue, which has done nothing but fuel the fires of online chats and message boards. And, many fans have angrily expressed their disappointment in the one-time reality star, others indicating hurt feelings and sadness over the situation—at least, the situation as it has been rumored to be to this point.

“I did,” Dave says honestly in a YouTube video posted on January 3, 2013, regarding whether or not he embellished some points on his resume. “I didn’t do it to hurt anyone,” he explains, “I didn’t do it to make things difficult for anyone in my family. I actually did it to, number one, better my family,” he says, “and, number two, to be able to bring the skills that I teach to a mass audience.”

Upon applying to be a part of the show and sending the resume to the Discovery Channel, Dave says that he thought it wasn’t a big deal. “There was nothing sinister in my plan,” he explains. “I was naïve to television, naïve to the entertainment industry, naïve to the way things work, and I just thought, ‘no harm, no foul.’”

Yes Harm, Yes Foul

Dave says emphatically that, yes, “Absolutely,” he regrets the embellishment. But, he goes on to add that he is not perfect—none of us are—and that he has “tried to live past it and live through it as best I can. In my school of thought, you don’t go backwards, you only go forward.”

In going forward, Dave has drawn heavily on his Christian beliefs to see him through the darker days. “I have asked forgiveness from God, from Jesus, I have asked forgiveness from my family, and now I’m asking forgiveness from my subscribers and from my friends.”

Dave Emphasizes Real-Life Experience

Fans are now wondering just how much actual outdoors/survivalist experience Dave actually has, but he indicates that he has been working in harsh, outdoors situations, on and off, since he left the military in 1988. “The reason I started the Pathfinder School to begin with was to help pass on some of the things that I have learned, and to learn along the way with the people on YouTube. That is why my motto has always been, ‘Let’s learn together,’” indicating that he learns from his YouTube subscribers every day.

It is clear that Dave is learning from his mistakes regarding the Dual Survival debacle, and is, hopefully, taking what he has learned with him as he goes forward and is putting it all into practice. Closing the video, he states, “I will strive every day for the rest of my life to be a better man, a better Christian.” Additionally, he thanks God and again apologizes for any wrongdoings he has done, and for any hurts he has caused along the way during this more-than-trying time.

Will Fans Forgive?

Many fans have been harsh, but others have been understanding of Dave's situation. Perhaps we should all ask ourselves at least one question: Who among us HASN’T embellished a resume at some point? If not for a formal work resume, shined ourselves up to make a better impression for some other important aspect of our lives? Perhaps, if we really think about his words, we will be better able to understand and maybe even forgive.

Just a thought.

Dual Survival airs on Tuesday nights on the Discovery Channel at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Did Cody, Joe turn trust-building corner in Hawaii?

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I don't care that Dave embellished his record. There are millions and millions of people in human history without any formal training that have drastically outperformed "the professionals". Einstein wasn't even a tenured professor of physics, he was working in a patent office in Austria when he overturned classical Newtonian physics with his Relativity theories and forever changed how we understand the universe. The professionals are usually roadblocks to change and because they already have all the answers, they usually are what we have to overcome to solve problems in the present and past history of human civilization. Dave proved he was a skilled survivor on the first two seasons of Dual Survival. Time after time he dominated each episode and proved to anyone watching that he was a much better survivor than Cody. Discovery most likely had a problem with the fact that he was so dominant as an alpha male. Discovery probably prefers Cody's more earth hugging, pacifistic, and feminine form of survival. Cody has a lot of skills but on countless occasions, Cody would defer to Dave as the alpha male leader. Joe is not a better survivor than Dave. He is a special ops soldier whose main skill is non-traditional warfare. How does that have anything to do with surviving and finding food and water with basically nothing but your ingenuity? Joe proved to the world tonight that he is no match for Dave in the rattlesnake kill. Dave would have killed that rattlesnake in about 10 seconds. Joe looked like such an amateur and then said he'd never killed a snake before. Then Discovery arrogantly says before the show: "These are highly trained not attempt this on your own." What a load of B.S. Dave is a great character and should be put back on TV with some type of outdoors survival show. He is enthusiastic and very knowledgable and also very intelligent with common sense and knows how to figure out solutions in the problem of survival. Plus he is very brave and courageous which just makes the show so much more riveting. Having two very hesitant and cautious "survivors" like Cody and Joe just isn't as fun to watch. That's one of the main problems with America nowadays. There are so many regulations and legalisms which keep people from being able to manifest their true potentials and creativity and problem solving skills. Professionals are very important but so are the out of nowhere upstarts who embellish their records to get a chance to prove to the world what they're made of. I truly wonder how much of our entire human civilization has benefitted from people who bent the rules, embellished, and deceived to be able to manifest their personal power. Probably more than we could ever even imagine.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
i usto watch dave and cody every week and reruns all the time.who cares if he lied its t.v. people you are supposed to watch it and be entertained not run out in the mountains and do it. do you have the lowest iq in the world. i have watched 2 of the new season shows still like cody HATE HATE HATE JOEnot watching anymorei want to see rambo i will rent the dvd i dont want to see it on tv.joe is just plain stupid with his macho military stuff yeah too bad it was a really good show LOST THIS VIEWER

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I'm only on the 1st ever episode and I'm really enjoying it and like the dynamics of these two guys. So I'm curious to Cody's background and want to do a search on him, I'm interested in the guy! So I can't remember his last name but I remember what the show is called and type it in and it brought us this lying controversy and has just totally ruined it for me!! I was impressed by Dave and truth be told I'm even more impressed with the guy and I don't judge people. RESPECT DAVE. Do what you gotta do brother.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Just for the record, and I know this for a fact. It was all Cody that Dave is not on the show anymore. He gave Discovery the ultimatum. Him or Dave, and they chose Cody, and blamed it on Dave's resume. Look at the beginning of season 1 and season 2. Of course Discovery didn't like what Dave had done, but they were ok with it, and that's why things were changed in season 2. Cody is the one that didn't like it. Dave was getting way too much attention, and Cody didn't like it. Especially after shark week. Now everyone criticizes Joe and thinks Cody is the best thing since sliced bread.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The Dual Survivor chemistry has disappeared along with Dave. This Joe guy irritates me. I don't care about the resume thing. Bring back Dave, Discovery!

Submitted by Carl smith (not verified) on
Program needs Dave he made program.dave and Cody were a tag team, discovery channel has any form of understanding of a fan base for a program they would get Dave back, get Dave back,get Dave back!!!!!

Submitted by Carl smith (not verified) on
Program needs Dave he made program.dave and Cody were a tag team, discovery channel has any form of understanding of a fan base for a program they would get Dave back, get Dave back,get Dave back!!!!!

Submitted by Carl smith (not verified) on
Show isn't the best it can be please get Dave back.With Dave and Cody best survival show on air.Dave and Cody go together like peanut butter and jelly,please get Dave back please

Submitted by Carl smith (not verified) on
Dave and Cody are like peanut butter and jelly get Dave back please!!!!!


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