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DCC: Making the Team sees Jasmine flub the dreaded jump split

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The jump split at the end of the kick-line is the signature move of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders; why do so few ever seem to learn it before going to training camp?

The training camp candidates on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team on CMT know that it is coming each season, but they never seem the least bit ready when it gets there: the dreaded kick-line with a jump split.

Now, true, the jump split is scary; it is one of those things most women see their bodies doing in only in their very worst nightmares, or perhaps their wildest, most delusional dreams. But, these young ladies know that it is on its way; it’s not negotiable. So, why have so many of them never learned to do one?

The DCC are not the only people in the world who do a jump split, and most of these girls have been taking various forms of dance and cheer technique/training for years; some, like Jasmine, are actually professional cheerleaders from other teams. But, there was Jasmine, having to be pulled from the line to do the jump split away from the group, because Kelli and Judy were afraid her lack of skill at the move could hurt someone seriously, even permanently. And, most of them have been training for, at minimum, months for this chance in the DCC training camp. But, when Judy asked who had never done a jump split, hand after hand in a pink uniform went up. Why wait until the very time you have to do it in front of Kelli and Judy to try the DCC signature move for the first time?

Jasmine was called to the office to speak with Judy and Kelli after practice, but it was not to scold her; it was to reassure her that she should not have her confidence swayed by this one night—a good thing, because Jasmine seems to have what it takes to be a DCC. Kali was called into the office as well, about her low kicks, and told that she needed to stretch, stretch, stretch! Kelli and Judy see her as a “powerhouse,” but, as Judy told Kelli bluntly after Kali left for the night, “I like her a lot, too, but no one deserves to be on the field if they can’t be in the kick-line.”

Hope she gets those kicks up over the next couple of weeks.

Tighty Whities and Blue

Uniform fittings were this week, and, as always, there was a lot of pushing, pulling, tugging and folding. It’s always amazing, watching them fit the shorts. Just when you think that they are as short as they can possibly be and still be legal for public wear, Kelli will roll them up and make them shorter still. What is even more amazing is that they consistently look good. This season, that appears to be particularly true, since there have not been any weight issues brought to the forefront.

Time to Go

There was only one cut on this episode: Kelly Jeannelle. She was an absolute nervous wreck. She was awkward and scared talking with Judy and Kelli the first time. “Kelly, you gotta chill out,” Kelli told her. But, she just could not do it. And, when she was called into the office the second time, it was clear that it was going to be her last time. Also leaving in last night’s episode was Rachel Le-Ann. She was not cut by Judy and Kelli, however. Rather, she tore her ACL, which will require surgery. With a recovery time projected as being at least six months out, there was simply no other choice but for her potential season to end. Kelli was encouraging, however:

“I know this sounds traumatic for you right now, but six months will be here before we know it, and then few more months we’ll be into the next year’s auditions. Don’t let this defeat you.”

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing Rachel Le-Ann in DCC: Making the Team 8.

Stay tuned.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team airs on CMT on Friday nights at 9/8c.

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