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DCCs not raking in big money after Making the Team

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With all of the work they put into it, one might think the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders bring home a big payday; one would be wrong.

After reading the “rules and regulations” posted on the official Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders website, it would seem that unless one is willing to undergo a military-style occupation of her life to be a DCC, there is little reason to apply. And, unless a would-be DCC has a pretty strong cash flow already available, it would be hard to maintain the standards of the DCC. As much money as the “often imitated, never equaled” Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders must bring in as an organization each year, the cheerleaders themselves receive a rather paltry salary for their efforts.

Cheerleaders, the website indicates, make $150 per home game, with opportunities for paid appearances and shows available. As much as they are expected to practice—2-5 rehearsals a week before the season; a set schedule of rehearsals during the season; extra weekend practices for those DCCs in show groups, as well as for rookies—they receive no compensation for their time. And, if they miss practices, they will not be allowed to perform. So, while most girls are likely working a job around life as a DCC, it had best not interfere with their commitment to the DCC organization, if they want to receive that $150 for a home game, and opportunities to make more if chosen for appearances and/or shows on the side.

The cheerleaders are apparently even expected to pay for the cleaning of their own uniforms, according to the rules and regulations, which aren’t even truly theirs—they must be returned at the end of the season.

Pretty cheap, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders organization.

Kelli, Judy not Crazy about Waitressing, Bartending

Not surprisingly, most of the DCC ladies are on the younger side. Some are actually college students; most are too young to have built solid careers in “real” areas other than cheerleading. So, their job choices are, again not surprisingly, often limited. But, last week on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, Kelli and Judy were surprisingly harsh about the job interview call-back one candidate told them she had received:

“Waitressing, we’re actually kind of cautious about,” Kelli told Danielle Marie, when she informed them that she was excited about her callback.

“If you could waitress, that would be better than bartending, but ….” Judy added.

And, Kelli’s comment that she did not want her “pinched or slapped on the a@@,” when she was working was rather snobbish; there are a lot of hard-working waitresses, waiters and bartenders out there who are not being “pinched or slapped on the a@@” when they go to work.

Maybe if Kelli and Judy feel like they are in a position to dictate job choices to these ladies, they should consider paying these women decent wages for the time they put into the organization. After all, does anyone believe that the DCC organization cannot afford to pay them more?

To be fair, they talked to more than one of the ladies last week about potentially teaching dance in some capacity, including Danielle, but none of them were offered actual jobs by either Kelli or Judy. Perhaps later they were, but as they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and a potential position does not pay the rent.

$150 per home game—and, just think, all of that practice, and only the home games have a payday.

Living the DCC Dream

When it comes right down to it, being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader must just have an intrinsic value that goes beyond actual dollars for the women who make it. For many of those with the DCC dream, it must just be the chance to live the dream of wearing that uniform, if only for a season.

Well, this season, at least, candidate Megan Marie will not have to worry about it, as she was released from the squad last Friday.

“Boring, timid, same expression, stiff,” Kelli said as she read off some of the comments they had written down about her during practices. “It does seem that you are not a powerful enough style of performer for this team this season, and we’re out of time. Tonight is your last night.” And, after she left the room, Kelli said to Judy, more catty than usual, “That wasn’t tough for me. I’m bored with her. I’m bored. I’m tired of being bored.”

Good luck with your future endeavors, Megan.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team airs on CMT on Friday nights at 9/8c. Tonight, the girls not only face the dreaded Kitty Carter, they also have individual photos made: A make-or-break moment for some of the potential DCC candidates.

Image: CMT


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Jerry Jones could easily pay each girl $50,000 per season and include a medical package. This would be a first step in repairing his miserable reputation. No matter how badly the Cowboys play, the DCC are always performing at 110 percent.

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