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Deadliest Catch crews fight ice, rescue pots, and catch lots of crab

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The polar ice is closing in on the Deadliest Catch fleet, but the crab is still coming onto the boat as they rescue their pots--for most of the captains, that is.

The polar ice cap is bearing down on Discovery Channel’s crab fishing fleet, but most of the reality show captains are making out pretty well with their opilio crab haul on Deadliest Catch.

Just three weeks into the opilio crab season, the captains received bad news on the latest episode.

“This new ice report, it’s unbelievable,” Captain Sig of the Northwestern said. “It’s got legs on it, man. It’s running.”

“We’re being pushed off the crab grounds,” Captain Andy of the Time Bandit agreed.

“It may completely cover every fishable inch of ground out here,” Captain Keith of the Wizard said, looking at the radar.

“The ice will take every pot you have,” Captain Elliott of the Ramblin’ Rose observed.

“We need some fast fishing, so we can get in and get out before the ice swallows us up 100%,” Captain Scott of the Seabrooke worried.

Just because the Deadliest Catch captains are pushing 20+ hour shifts to save their gear from the ice doesn’t mean, however, that they aren’t still going for the crab.

Fighting to save his gear, Captain Wild Bill of the Kodiak started bringing high numbers of crab onto the boat.

“Boy, I wish we didn’t have to run for home,” Captain Bill lamented.

But, he wasn’t the only captain doing well as the ice descended upon them. All of the boats seemed to be doing at least decent, some fantastic, except for the Ramblin’ Rose.

Of course, the Time Bandit was having its share of bad luck with the ice, with both Eddies, Sr. and Jr., getting whacked by blocks of ice. Junior went down first, getting smacked right in the back with a block of ice that checked in at approximately 50 pounds. Senior, who is retiring after this season, had barely recovered from that scare when he found himself down on the deck, after a glancing-but-solid hit from a 150-pounder on his hip. Initially, there was fear that his hip could have been dislocated, but, fortunately, that was not the case. Both were okay—Senior had to be carried inside to recover—but both were very lucky.

“What the BLEEP you guys walking under cranes for?” Captain Andy demanded. “You can’t walk under cranes loaded up with ice!”

Captain Scott Takes Risk, Sets Back

Ice or not, the fishing was too good for Captain Scott, who made the decision to set back rather than gather all of his pots on deck, as were the other captains. Will it pay off?

Well, the crew was on-board with his decision: “Money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money—I’m ready to gamble too, man,” crew member Mac White said.

Still, Captain Scott didn’t seem 100 percent sure.

“You’re always bold until you see the ice, then reality sets in. … You know it’s there,” he said, comparing it to a shark, “it’s just a matter of when it’s gonna bite you.”

Captain Elliott rescued his pots, but they were empty, which seems to be his pattern all too often; will he ever be able to find himself and his crew on the crab?

Stay tuned.

Deadliest Catch airs on the Discovery Channel on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. E/P.

Image: Discovery Channel

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