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Desperate Jungle Gold miners give traditional techniques a try

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Scott and George are willing to try anything at this point to get to the gold, but mining by hand?

One thing separates Discovery Channel’s Jungle Gold from Gold Rush: danger.

Like the Hoffmans in the Klondike, miners Scott Lomu and George Wright VI have been doing little more than making a mess mining in Ghana, Africa. After draining the $150,000 their investors put into the project, the two have mined just under $10,000 after two cleanouts, coming nowhere close to paying for their total expenses and certainly not putting any money into their own pockets. After giving up on the first claim, they are now trying to give a second site a go, but their investors are losing patience, and their dreams of hitting it big in the Ghana gold rush are quickly fading to black.

In addition to their main problem, not finding gold, Scott and George face daily dangers in Ghana, with miners around them who seem to be willing to go to most any lengths to get the glittery stuff out of the ground, whether a claim is theirs or not. It is a far cry from Gold Rush, where the Hoffman teams have no one to worry about other than themselves, and Parker Schnabel’s biggest concern is how rude and unfriendly the Dakota boys are going to be on any given day. But, that is what makes the show what it is: Will miners Scott and George make it through to the next day, literally.

Tonight, Scott and George continue their quest to find gold and clear their debts. According to Discovery Channel, tonight on episode "Mad Scramble":

Scott and George's African gold mining dream turns sour and drives them ever deeper into debt. They try to join forces with a gang of traditional miners to dig by hand and their relationship with mining partners Chris and Singh reaches meltdown.

Digging by hand? Do Scott and George really have any hope left if they are down to digging by hand?

Stay tuned.

Jungle Gold airs on Discovery Channel on Fridays at 10/9c, following Gold Rush at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Danger rises for Scott and George on season finale

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Jungle Gold

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