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Diggers connect with childhood hero Evel Knievel at Snake River Canyon

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KG and Ringy are in Idaho tonight, assisting in a "Diggers 911," hoping for a day of metal-detecting glory.

Metal detector enthusiasts all over the United States are watching the new National Geographic Channel line-up addition, Diggers. Featuring metal-detecting buffs Tim “Ringy” Saylor and “King” George Wyant, fans not only learn about the finer points of metal detecting each week, they also get a bit of historical knowledge along the way, with many of the duo’s finds having more history than dollars attached to their value, but always having a lot of fun in the process.

“We have always had the mindset that the appreciation of history and a sense of humor are not mutually exclusive,” Saylor explains on the National Geographic Channel website.

Snake River Canyon

Tonight, NatGeo fans will tune in for two new episodes. In episode, “The King and the Ring,” KG and Ringy hope to make a connection with Evel Knievel. According to NatGeo Channel:

KG and Ringy head out to the Snake River Canyon in Idaho to assist in a "Diggers 911" and to hopefully connect with their childhood hero, Evel Knievel, at the site of one of his most famous (and failed) stunts. Along the way the boys will try and unite a missing wedding ring with its owner, locate the site of a famous photographer's studio and find a piece of Evel Knievel's rocket-powered Skycycle. Will they succeed? More importantly, who will be required face the menacing mechanical bull?

Cape Cod Detecting

In tonight’s second new episode, “Diggin’ the Cape,” the guys are looking for 17th-century nectar. According to NatGeo Channel:

KG and Ringy are on Cape Cod, the location of one of the oldest settlements in the New World. There's tons of incredible history here from the Pilgrims to the American Revolution. The guys are on the hunt to fulfill one of their biggest goals, finding an artifact from the 1600s. So join the search because you never know what they'll find.

Diggers airs on National Geographic Channel on Tuesday nights, with two consecutive episodes airing at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

Image: National Geographic Channel

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