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Dream Come True for Coca-Cola Fans: A Bottle Made of Ice

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If you've ever wished for a container that could keep your Coke ice-cold, keep reading!

There is nothing better than an ice-cold drink when the weather is burning hot during the summer. But, have you ever imagined that your drink could be icy from the outside-in?

In Columbia, the Coca-Cola Company has introduced bottles made from ice to thirsty beachgoers. The bottles are shaped like the familiar glass bottles, even including the iconic script etched in the ice. The creation of the bottles begins with pouring micro-filtered water into silicone molds, Coca-Cola explains on its website, then freezing the bottles to -25 °C. After freezing the bottles can be filled with Coke.

At this time, the ice bottles are gaining popularity, with an average of 265 frozen bottles being sold on the beach each hour. But, how does one hold a bottle made of ice without freezing his fingers off in the process? Each bottle is wrapped with a red rubber band, branded with the Coke logo, which protects the consumer’s fingers from freezing. And, when the Coke is gone and the bottle melts, the band can be worn as a bracelet.

Some may assume that a melting bottle is automatically “green,” but not everyone agrees, according to, suggesting that the refrigeration necessary to keep the bottles viable cancels out any green benefits.

Coca-Cola has made no announcements at this time regarding where the icy bottle may appear next. But, here is the advertisement currently running in Columbia:

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Video: YouTube