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The Enforcer being tested by wayward client on Parole Diaries

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Will Agent Jayisha Sweeney, "The Enforcer," send a parolee with only six months left on parole back to prison to finish out his time on Parole Diaries on TV One?

Parole Diaries on TV One explores an important part of the American justice system each week, and follows parole officers and parolees in their day-to-day experiences, to see what it takes for parolees to make it out in the mainstream public—or to get sent back to the inside.

Parole Agent Denise Jackson takes a hard stance with her clients, all women, but that’s the way things have to be to deal with her clients, many of whom have substance abuse issues.

“You can’t handle an addict with kid gloves,” she explains, “You just can’t. Because, if you do, they’re gonna run all over you. They’re gonna manipulate you, they’re gonna do all sorts of crazy stuff to you. So, I start it off hard,” she says about her supervision style. Case-in-point is Taleah Cheatham, a parolee who has been out of prison for a few days, but who has been through the parole experience before, and who, as Agent Jackson says, always ends up going back after violating her parole. This time, Taleah says she’s going to do better because her 18-year-old son’s death has changed her. However, Denise is not so sure.

Agent Jackson wants her into a mental health program, but Taleah continues to come up with excuses as to why she has not entered the program as of yet.

“You need to do better,” Agent Jackson tells her.

Will she?

Parole Agent Gerald Carter has the reputation of being the toughest agent in the district. But, with a case load of all male sex offenders, he has to be. He does not take any excuses, and he asks a lot of questions of his parolees, such as 41-year-old Michael Frye. After spending eight years in prison for sexual misconduct with a minor, Frye has been on parole for about two years. Agent Carter is trying to help him find a job, hopefully using a skill he learned while in prison: creating Braille for the visually impaired. Earning a check, Agent Carter explains, brings confidence to a person, giving them a better chance at being successful as a parolee. But, it is often hard for sex offenders to find employment, as many employers are unwilling to hire them. And, because of stipulations of parole for sex offenders, such as being unable to use the Internet, it makes it harder for them to even search for available jobs.

Parole Agent Jayisha Sweeney is known as “The Enforcer.” This week, parolee Deandre Halbert, who was sentenced to two years in prison for intimidation and invasion of privacy, is testing Agent Sweeney’s reputation by missing a parole meeting. The delinquent warrant has already been issued, but Halbert shows up in the office shortly after—will he get another chance? Or will he be going back to prison?

It's all in the hands of The Enforcer.

Stay tuned.

Parole Diaries airs on TV One on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. (ET).

Image: Towers Productions, LLC

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