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'Farm Kings' Returning with New Episodes on GAC This Thursday

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Farm Kings is back on July 11 on GAC, and things are still in turmoil on the farm.

The Farm Kings are returning this week on GAC.

Fans will remember that things were not going so well with the Kings earlier this spring, when Farm Kings returned for a second season. This Thursday, it appears things may still be on a downhill slide, as tomorrow's episode indicates:

Dan surprised his family by taking a summer-long internship with his idol, Joel Salatin, but nothing shocks the family more than when the employees at The Café arrive one morning at the scene of a devastating crime. After piecing together a broken fan, stolen safe, and his employees’ fragile nerves, Joe must assess his security setup throughout all the Freedom Farm stores. Meanwhile down on the farm two of Joe’s breeder pigs are about to pop at any moment leaving the brothers stretched thin in the wake of Dan’s absence. Will his family’s desperate situation bring Dan back to the farm? Or will he stick it out at Polyface for the duration despite his family’s struggles?

Farm Kings has been a growing reality hit for the Great American Country channel. With nine brothers, one sister and a mom trying to hold the farm together, the Kings of Pittsburgh are finding that viewers relate to their strong work ethic and deep family bond. Each week the Kings allow cameras into their homes, fields and retail markets not only to remind us where our food really comes from before it hits our plates, but also to attempt to make farming cool again. True, farming is not glamorous—it is hard, hot, dirty work, and nature always has the final say—but it is one of the most important jobs anyone can do.

Farm Kings is produced by Stage 3 Productions. "It was a pleasure to work with the King family this past year to create a show that has really resonated with viewers all over America,” says Anthony Uro, showrunner. “We're looking forward to continuing to showcase their remarkable strength and never-say-die attitude in the second season of Farm Kings, one even more powerful than the first."

New episodes of Farm Kings begin tomorrow, July 11, on GAC at 9/8c.

Image: GAC