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Farm Kings: Will Pigs Be a Freedom Farms Success or Dan's Disaster?

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Joe wants to add pigs to the offerings of Freedom Farms, but can younger brother Dan step up to his new responsibilities?

The pigs were running free on Farm Kings this week, creating yet another situation that had to be addressed on Freedom Farms.

This season, oldest brother and man-in-charge Joe decided that upping the pig production was a goal that Freedom Farms would be shooting for over the summer. But, brother Dan, who had been wanting more responsibility around the farm, may not have been the man for the job.

200 pigs is a lot of responsibility.

“This is the first thing that is actually going to be on my shoulders. It’s a big deal. … I really, really want to focus on it and make it a success; it will say a lot to my brothers.”

And, it was saying a lot to his brothers this week.

Looks Like a Pigsty Around Freedom Farms

“It’s not adequate,” Pete said. “He’s not doing a good job,” he observed, pointing to the plastics and paper mixed with the scraps to be fed to the pigs. “It’s a pig pen; it doesn’t have to be a pigsty.”

And, pigs getting free could be a problem, as they could get into the nearby fields and root up the crops, but Dan did not feel a hole in the pen was a problem about which he should be proactive instead of reactive, not fixing it until a pig actually escaped, even though he had known about it for awhile. This lackadaisical attitude seemed to sum up his approach to his raised responsibilities on the farm, suggesting that his role as the “utility man” may be his ongoing role for the time being.

Joe, Tim and Pete are partners in Freedom Farm; Dan wants to be. But, thus far, he is not proving he can pull his weight—not even close.

Not Stepping Up to the Job

“I was a little bit disappointed with the way Dan’s been managing the pigs,” Joe said when he checked on the breeders, noticing that they were overweight and not really in breeding shape. “I mean, we’re only talking about a handful of pigs,” he pointed out, noting that they have not even raised the bar to the 200 they would like to raise, and he is already falling down on the job. “I expect more from him.”

Again, however, Dan's lack of self-motivation was on display with his reaction to Joe's attempts to relate to his younger brother just how important the pigs are going to be to Freedom Farms this season, i.e. how important the job Dan has been given is to the family's bottom line for the year.

“I don’t really know what Joe’s deal is. I’m just getting back from construction and he’s already getting on me about the pigs,” Dan whined. He then tried to find a sympathetic ear with his mom.

“Dan’s just going to have to listen to [Joe] and step up to the plate,” mom Lisa said about the situation when Dan expressed his frustrations to her.

There is just no room for whiners or slackers on Freedom Farm.

Working for Family

“Dan’s a hard worker,” Pete said, “and when he gets a job somewhere else, he wants to make a good impression to his boss, and he works hard. … But, when it’s us in the boss position, for Dan it’s a little bit harder for him to take advice.”

But, he’s going to have to listen to his more experienced older brothers and treat them as he would any other bosses on any other job if he wants to move into a partner position at Freedom Farms. Will he be able to do it? Or is his role as the “utility man” a permanent position for the partners’ little brother?

Stay tuned.

Farm Kings airs on GAC on Thursday nights at 9 p.m.

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Image: Freedom Farms via Pinterest

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