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Finding Bigfoot goes to Australia to find a yowie

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Sometimes these Finding Bigfoot "witnesses" appear to just want to get on television, and last night's brain-eating yowie story was one of the most made-for-television creations aired on the show yet.

This week, the Finding Bigfoot team took Animal Planet all the way down under, to Australia. Most of us may think of Australia as being dry desert, but there are actually areas that are lush, with mountains and tropical forests. These diverse, low-populated habitats are said to be home to the “yowie,” deemed an Australian “cousin” of Bigfoot by the Finding Bigfoot team.

According to reports by the locals, the yowie, if it exists, is much more aggressive and dangerous than the North American Sasquatch. To that end, one town hall witness claimed that a yowie not only killed several goats he owned, but apparently did some sort of cultish removal of their internal organs—brain included—and hung them up in a tree.


Zombie Yowies?

Watching Finding Bigfoot often causes me to roll my eyes and laugh. Don’t misunderstand: I enjoy the show. It is a lot of fun to watch. And, honestly, I’m not a complete skeptic about the possible existence of Bigfoot; I, like many others, just don’t know. But, last night’s “yowie” episode? Well, whether or not the yowie exists, I don’t know, but I DO know that the story "Mark" told about goats in trees was easily the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard a “witness” relate since Finding Bigfoot began airing.

“As I looked up, about 15 feet, there are my eight goats," Mark explained to Ranae and Cliff. "The goats had been cut, so whatever did it had a sharp rock and it's cut the whole inside of the animal out, and had even taken the brain. I realized then and there what it was, what it had to be. It’s something that we just know is there.”

Personally, I think what this had to be was someone who wanted to get on television.

What makes this story even more ridiculous is that Mark indicated that the cuts were practically surgical in nature. Surgical precision with a sharp rock? And, what about the brain? Did the yowie have a bone saw to achieve this surgically precise brain removal?

Cliff proved himself to be as gullible as ever, even more so, in fact. “It was pretty clear that this had been done with surgical precision and not by people?” What? Cliff has said some silly things in the past and drawn some unbelievable conclusions, but that one really took the cake. So, if it had been done by people, would it have been obvious because the people would have been ripping the flesh of the goats open with jagged rocks instead of using the “surgical precision” of the yowie?

Finding Bigfoot is a fun show—it really is. And, I do not doubt the sincerity of Matt, Bobo and Cliff; their passion is admirable, in fact. But, honestly, the lengths they will go to sometimes to try and justify these stories—brain-removing yowies?—actually hurts, rather than helps, the idea that these undiscovered primates may exist, yowie, Bigfoot, brain-removing zombie or otherwise.

Hmmmmmm … zombie yowie? Zowie, maybe?

Stay tuned.

Finding Bigfoot airs on Animal Planet on Sunday nights at 10 p.m.

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Finding Bigfoot


Submitted by Mr D. Daniel Nix (not verified) on
I am getting to the point where I am not going to watch anymore. If whomever is editing the background sounds into the film doesn't STOP adding sounds that mimic the Bigfoot calls AND the sounds of 'Knocks' I am done. This episode is a perfect example; when we were straining to hear the 'Knock' response, someone threw in a low growl that almost covered up the knock response. Also, adding that low growl sound is totally out of place. Remember when Mr. Moneymaker got so mad at Bobo when he "stepped on a response" he was listening for???? Well, multiply that by all your fans. We are tired of the added in sounds. Stop and let us hear what they hear. The cast members should get as mad as they did when the producers tried to show the IR shot of a horse as a possible Bigfoot. STOP THE SOUND EDITING!!!

You are 100% right about that; I've just given up on trying to hear any of the "knocks" or whatever they supposedly hear, because they are impossible to hear w/ all the added interference--which may, I've wondered, be the point. BTW, I also thought it was hilarious when Matt got so angry w/ Bobo about the "stepped on" response, b/c I think it was just the week before when Bobo jumped on Matt for the exact same thing.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Do you actually think anything in this show is real? If so, you are terribly naive. There is absolutely NOTHING about this show that is genuine. The "knocks", "growls", wintness stories... all made up. This show is purely comedy and that is all the viewer should look at it as.

Personally, I don't know if BIGFOOT is real, but I do believe that there are "witnesses" out there who are sincere in their beliefs that they have had real sightings, and, yes, I do believe that the BFRO believes that Bigfoot is out there somewhere ... as with all reality shows, of course some things are manipulated on this one but, yes, I do believe that there are elements that are genuine, including the team's sincerity and passion for what they do--that, in my opinion, is what makes the show worth watching, even if, at times, it veers into the eye-rolling and ridiculous, like brain-eating zowies. Just my "terribly naive" opinion, of course. :)

Submitted by Chuck (not verified) on
Great points....The added sounds are just annoying. And for that matter so are the lame animated bigfoots they add in. Funniest thing ever was when bobo found out ranae only thought there was less than one percent chance bigfoots existed

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