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Finding Bigfoot skeptic Ranae 'stumped' by peeping Sasquatch

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With all of the times Ranae has knocked down various Bigfoot sightings as being a person in a costume, a Sasquatch looking in a window has her "stumped?"

The Finding Bigfoot team was on the move again this week, this time in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, hoping to uncover a Sasquatch. According to Matt Moneymaker, the area has a long history Sasquatch activity. Additionally, the area has cave paintings that the team, yes, is sure depict Bigfoots.

It is amazing that these people don’t get discouraged after weeks—no, years—of Bigfoot-searching failures. Perhaps that is why they are so quick to deem basically every report a true Bigfoot sighting/indication/encounter. That was why it was so surprising to hear Cliff agree with Ranae that the smudges on a man’s car could not conclusively be called smudged Bigfoot prints.

Squatches 'Known' for Tent Rubbing?

Of course, to balance things out, Matt and Bobo were eager to call a man’s encounter with something brushing along his tent a Sasquatch encounter.

“I don’t know if you know," Bobo told the man, "but Squatches are known for doing that. They’ll walk by and they’ll just drag their hand on the side of a tent; it’s been reported dozens and dozens of times.”

Oh, Bobo.

Matt chimed in, saying that the sounds that the man in question heard may have been a Sasquatch, even tho’ he said it sounded like a coyote.

“I can’t make an absolutely firm determination on this,”Matt admitted. “It could very well be just a coyote. It might also have been a Sasquatch that was trying to kind of sound like a coyote because they want to confuse whatever’s maybe hearing them.”

A Bigfoot trying to confuse people by sounding like a coyote? Sorry, Matt; not buying that one.

The funniest moment of the night, however, had to have been a moment of excitement when Matt saw a human-like figure on the thermal imager. But, no luck; it was Cliff.

“He was about to get tackled,” Matt said, his voice a mixture of humor and disappointment.

Ranae 'Stumped' by Peeping Bigfoot?

Cliff and Ranae also checked out an obviously nervous woman who claimed she saw a Bigfoot looking in a window of a mobile home while she was babysitting. Skeptical Ranae went outside to try and replicate the action, but found the window was too high off the ground. However, she seemed to cave pretty easily:

“Is it possible that somebody stood up on a box or some chair outside? That possibly could have got them to the right height, but the mass of the figure that she described, and the hair, that part can’t be explained. … I’m stumped.”

Can’t be explained? Of all the scenarios that Ranae has explained away by saying it was likely a person in a costume, this has to have been the most obvious costume-possible situation the team has encountered. And, why would somebody pull such a prank? Who knows? The woman was obviously nervous in nature—who better to try to scare, some pranksters might conclude. But, seriously, Ranae, “stumped?” Put a big guy in a costume, stand him in a chair, and have him peek in the window—instant Bigfoot sighting.

Of course Cliff wasn’t stumped; he knew it was a real Bigfoot.

Perhaps producers asked Ranae to back off her hard-core view of Sasquatch evidence for the sake of the show, who knows. But, with some of the isolated sites that Ranae has insisted that someone could have just been wearing a costume, well, it’s hard to believe that she was truly “stumped” by a supposed Bigfoot looking in a window.

'Sistine Chapel of the Bigfoot World'

The team also visited some cave drawings that the team thought must have been Sasquatch images, even Sasquatch families. “This is the Sistine Chapel of the Bigfoot world,” Bobo said. How old are the drawings? No one really seems to know, but the local Native American tribes believe, because of oral tradition, that they existed as early as 500 A.D. Why were they Sasquatches and not people? Again, oral tradition. “Patterson wasn’t the first one,” Cliff said. “It’s right here.”

Perhaps; but to convince a skeptic, the Finding Bigfoot team is going to have to do better than some cave drawings, a Sasquatch pretending to sound like a coyote, and something looking in a window.

Stay tuned.

Finding Bigfoot airs on Animal Planet on Sunday nights at 10 p.m.

UPDATED: Is Ranae starting to believe in Sasquatch?

Image: Animal Planet


Submitted by Harry (not verified) on
Sierra Mountains? What are the Sierra Mountains? Where are they? In California we have the Sierra Nevada. Is that what you are referring to? The snarky tone of this piece is struck down by the lazy geographical reference.

Sorry, Harry, for my "Nevada" oversight; I typically just think of them as the Sierras. Certainly did not mean to get anyone into such a geographical tizzy. Thanks for your helpful comment.

Submitted by John Melland (not verified) on
The Sierra Nevada's are what they are talking about in reference to the geological location in question.

Submitted by John Melland (not verified) on
I hope when she does have a good visual sighting of a Squatch, she will truly be amazed and satisfied! I have seen a couple and I am always searching for more. I have had many experiences as well and there is nothing like the thrill you get when Squatchin!

Never been "squatchin'" myself, John, but I'm open to the idea that they may exist. But, I do appreciate (what is typically) Ranae's hard-line stance on real evidence (not, of course, that sightings are not real to the one who experienced the sighting, they just cannot be adequately related to others to be conclusive) ... if they exist, sooner or later undisputable evidence has to present itself ... of course, whether or not the "Finding Bigfoot" team will discover it is another debate, but we'll save that for another day ... thanks, John, for your viewpoint--very interesting.

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