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Finding Bigfoot: Witnesses impress Ranae, make skeptic of Matt

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In a turn of the tables, Ranae is impressed with one Bigfoot story, while Matt thinks his interviewee may have told him a tall tale.

Suspicious activity attributed to Bigfoots brought Matt, Bobo, Cliff and Ranae to Louisiana last night, and the trip was full of surprises for the eager Finding Bigfoot team on Animal Planet.

After being welcomed to the town of Zowolle with a Cajun-style cookout, featuring crawfish—a creature Ranae said she was more familiar under a microscope than on the menu—and locals with their own Bigfoot stories, the team took to the wild night. First, they were shocked to learn that wolves live in Louisiana—makes one wonder just how much research they do on an area before visiting. Following the discovery of wolves, Bobo set up camp in the local wildlife refuge while the rest of the team visited with locals. “I thought those were the weirdest coyotes I’d ever heard,” Bobo remarked at Cliff’s revelation that the howls were coming from red wolves in the area. “Those wolves were a good sign that even bigger predators could live in this area.”


Local Reports Impress, Fail

Well, according to some of the locals, yes, Bigfoots. One couple indicated that they saw a Bigfoot while riding an ATV on their first date. Matt visited with a man who thought he saw a Bigfoot as he hunted in the area—believe it or not, Matt did not buy his story, since the guy didn’t see any detail, eye-shine, not even fur on the creature he supposedly saw. However, in a more credible report, one couple said that they not only saw a Sasquatch while driving home one night, they moved after the sighting, they were so disturbed at seeing the 6-to-7 foot hairy creature crossing the road near their own home. They actually called the area sheriff to report seeing a Bigfoot. Ranae seemed particularly impressed.

“I gotta tell you, they’re really credible witnesses. These two were both justices of the peace for this community. They’re trusted by everyone. If anything, they have no reason to tell this story. It would only make them looked down upon, and they’ve got this fantastic reputation already, why would they risk it?” And, she added, regarding their calling the sheriff, “That does nothing but add to their credibility.”

Well, Tom and Rosie definitely had Ranae on their side. And, of course Cliff agreed; Cliff generally agrees with everyone who reports having seen a Bigfoot, after all.

What do you think?

Here Piggy Piggy!

Oh, and while pigs may be a favorite of Louisiana Bigfoots, the team's attempt to lure in a Bigfoot or two with a pen of hogs didn't do the trick. But, watching Cliff trying to catch a pig to make it squeal was entertaining to watch, Sasquatch or not. And, the pigs were pretty cute; would have been a shame for their bait to have worked.

Finding Bigfoot airs on Animal Planet on Sunday nights at 10 p.m.

Image: Animal Planet

Video: Animal Planet/Finding Bigfoot

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