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Get rich quick or lose it all, Property Wars delivers both

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Fans of Property Wars will no doubt be tuned to the Discovery Channel tonight, to see who gets rich and who goes bust on the season premiere.

Property Wars is back tonight with a new season, which means new conflicts, new strategies and, of course, new properties to buy and flip.

It is another season of house-buying in the Phoenix market and, as fans of Property Wars already know, Phoenix leads the nation in foreclosures. For some, this may seem like a negative, but for the rival buyers and flippers on Property Wars, the healthy stream of foreclosures going to auction make the area a dream. But, sometimes those dreams can turn into nightmares when diamonds in the rough turn out to be lost causes—and when one is buying sight unseen, this scenario happens more often than some buyers’ bottom-lines can handle.

Big Dreams, Bigger Disasters

Tonight, the Property Wars bidders will be kicking off the new season with dusted-off dreams and new plans for riches. According to Discovery Channel:

The Phoenix housing market is hotter than ever. After last season's mixed bag of dream houses and houses of horror, four buyers have something to prove. Scott digs through trash to gain his clues. Doug thinks he's found a gear-head's home.

Who will hit the jackpot? And who will be stuck with a house of horrors?

Stay tuned.

Property Wars season premiere airs tonight, Thursday, January 10, on Discovery Channel at 10/9c.

UPDATED: Do "clues" really help buyers score big?

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Property Wars

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