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Gold Rush: Is it fair for Todd Hoffman to ask crew to go to South America?

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Fans are still not jumping on Todd Hoffman's Gold Rush: South America bandwagon.

Fans of the Discovery Channel’s mega-hit reality show Gold Rush are eagerly awaiting the Aug. 17 special. But, many are not so excited about the prospect of their favorite miners heading to South America for Season Three.

Some Huliq readers, like Larry, are simply concerned for the Hoffman gang’s safety:

I hope they keep the show in the Klondike. If they go South, they will have to be armed at all times to protect themselves. They could be robbed and killed in their sleep. Are Americans or foreigners allowed to even carry weapons for protection? If they have to hire a security force of locals to protect the mine; how do you know the local guards won't eventually turn on the Hoffmann's and their crew and kill them for the gold. Bad idea moving the show south!!!

Robinhood02 believes that it is unfair for Todd to ask his crew to move to a dangerous area like South America, just for ratings:

I hope for the boys sake that Todd does not head to South America for upcoming seasons. Some of the best gold showings I ever found was down there, but getting out healthy and alive with your gold is somewhat questionable. If it was just Todd and Jack then let him take his chances, but having the other boys follow is just not right. He would be endangering the lives of fellows that trust him. I know, I know, each man makes his own decisions and they know the risk, but really Todd is now more interested in ratings than the safety of his boys. Todd is mining the TV show, the boys are mining gold (or at least that is my impression). If he heads south I would hope the boys stay where the gold is good and the locals and the government are safe. There are plenty of guys up in the Klondike making a good living even with the short season. If it has to be, then let part of the show follow Todd and Jack and the other follow the boys in the Klondike !!!

And, Jeff is disappointed that Todd Hoffman seems to have traded the Season One “American Dream” in Alaska for the Season Three chase for ratings in South America:

Gold Rush in South America...I thought these guys were originally living the "American" dream, that "You can do anything if you put your mind to it," or "A little sweat and elbow grease can go a long way" type of thing. So that is what I got from season one. Season two, I got a sense of patriotism still, "We may have lost the battle, but we can still win the war," " Never underestimate the underdogs." I got inspired for what they were trying to do. Yeah, they may have sucked at it, but the fact that they got up off their butts and tried, instead of crying and complaining about it was a wonderful thing. Now that they are in South America, I am a little confused of what "Moral" they are trying to convey. I guess this isn't about patriotism anymore, or the American dream. Just looks like now this show is just about money and ratings....the real American dream perhaps? This is my opinion though.

Todd Asks for Viewers' Help

Todd Hoffman himself, however, is indicating that the move to South America is still up in the air, and he says that he wants the input from fans like Jeff, Robinhood02, Larry and others to help him make the decision of where to ultimately set down his mining roots. Via his Facebook page, Hoffman invited fans to discuss the issue with him:

Make sure your friends at work don't miss the Aug 17th special because it's a huge decision to go south or to not go south. I want you guys to weigh in after it airs. We will discuss the pros and cons right here on Facebook.

Has the decision of whether or not to move the operation to South America really not been made as of yet? Does Hoffman sincerely want the input of fans? Or is it simply a marketing ploy to get viewers to watch the special on August 17? Well, it’s hard to say—but, he is asking.

Stay tuned.

The upcoming Gold Rush: The Jungle special airs on the Discovery Channel on Friday, August 17, at 9 p.m. E/P.

Image: Discovery Channel


Submitted by Karma (not verified) on
As late in the year as it is, the decision has had to have been made for this season. I highly suspect they did the South America trip for the network. IRT also went to South America, previously, in the off season for Deadliest Roads. I only got sucked in last season but can say if they go south for an entire season I don't know that I have any interest in it.

Submitted by DMV (not verified) on
The nice thing about watching these boobs mining in Alaska and the Yukon, is that the amount of damage that they can do is limited to a small amount of worked over land - an each other, of course. If these idiots end up in the Amazon trying to mine flour gold using a water cannon and a lot of cyanide and mercury, I'll scream. Perhaps they will be going after some gold that one does not have to utterly destroy the land to get to. At least they have had to conform to mine safety and environmental regulations in North America. South America is a world away in more ways than one. Poor regulatory oversight and widespread corruption will pretty much give them free reign to really do some damage. If this ends up being the case, I hope that some other network begins a show that follows a group of people who try to interfere with the Hoffman's effort. Something like Whale Wars, but better looking and much more effective. I volunteer. On the other hand, considering Todd's record, the whole lot of them will probably be kidnapped in short order. I would watch that. I can only hope that DC would not

Submitted by Ashamed to be f... (not verified) on
Todd should get a tatoo on his forhead saying "I screwed up" anyone that continues to follow him is dumber than him.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I am still confused, and don't know whether this has been clear yet. At first I thought the same thing as other people, "They are leaving American?" But as I understand it now.. it was simply because the Klondike was now frozen. And that South American wasn't exactly to REPLACE Alaska, but rather a time filler. And It gets confusing to try and follow these shows correctly because they were shot way before your seeing them. This summer is coming to an end, so doesn't that mean this whole summer would have already occurred in Alaska, and that they should have been taping? That is what confuses me. Because even if this "special" was taped a couple months ago, it would have been with the Klondike was NOT frozen. Is anyone else following me here?

Submitted by DMV (not verified) on
Don't know what to say about your time confusion. But the Klondike/Yukon is in Canada. What does their location have to do with the 'American Dream'?

Submitted by gerald crackel (not verified) on
have you considered a go devil that doesn't need much in the way of transvering the river it will in reality go through mud as we used it in illinois for duck an goose hunting we used it on the rivers an lakes very shallow water just a thought

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