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Gold Rush: Quest for mother lode begins with new season Oct. 26

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The Discovery Channel says that one crew will hit the "mother lode" this season, but which one?

Discovery Channel's highest-rated series, Gold Rush, returns for a third season on Friday, October 26th. After two years of equipment breakdowns, infighting and battling Mother Nature, this season one crew finally strikes it rich.

The question is: Which one?

Parker Schnabel is back, hoping to redeem himself after a season of digging nothing but dirt last year, and prove to his family, especially his grandfather, long-time gold miner John Schnabel, that he has the right stuff to be a real gold miner. And, fan not-so-favorite “Dakota Fred” Hurt returns, hoping that the glory hole, once the project of Jack Hoffman before Fred claim-jumped the Hoffman team, will finally pay off big.

The night of October 26th will be a big one for Gold Rush fans, with the new 90-minute special, Gold Rush: Do or Die kicking off the evening at 7:30 p.m. E/P. The special will focus on what each team did over the winter to prepare for the gold mining season, to ensure that this summer will lead to a big payoff. The special will then be followed by the first regular episode of Season 3 of Gold Rush, “Million Dollar Season." According to Discovery Channel, one of the crews will hit the “mother lode” this go-around, but which crew is any fan’s guess. Parker has a brand new crew at the Big Nugget Mine, working on new land with a newly rebuilt wash plant. Dakota Fred finally hits bedrock in the infamous glory hole and, since he was seeing his best gold of last season just as it was getting too cold to mine, he is hoping that this season will be the one that makes him a millionaire. And, as always, Todd Hoffman is looking at his glass as half-full, setting a goal of 1,000 ounces this season, even though he and his crew were unable to reach even 100 ounces last year. But, with two claims and double the crew and equipment, could this actually be the season of real money for the Hoffman team?

Stay tuned.

Gold Rush: Do or Die airs on the Discovery Channel on Friday, October 26, at 7:30 p.m. E/P. The regular season of Gold Rush then begins, with the season premiere airing at 9:00 p.m.

UPDATED: Fred takes advantage of Parker's generosity on season premiere

Image: Discovery Channel


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The Hoffman's were not claim jumped. They neglected to make the required lease payments over the winter, so their landlord was well within his rights to terminate their lease. What he chose to do after that is his business.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Everyone "knee-jerked" when Fred showed up with paperwork in hand. But your 1005% right, Todd got greedy, split his focus on two sites, neglected to make the scheduled payment and subsequently lost his claim. It was Todd who screwed up. No one likes Fred because he's matter of fact, really "gruff and rough" around the edges and has a no BS policy, but in the end, it was all Todd. That man can't sit still for long, always looking for that "next big thing" which is why he was scoping the Yukon at the end of season 1, and at the end of season 2; South America... What's he going to do for season 3 if it's not him that hits it; Mongolia?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
if fred was any kind of a man he would have at least let the hoffmans join with him at least old jack to run the glory hole together with him but he is not a man he is a loser and yes he is a claim jumper so get over it

Submitted by Alan K. (not verified) on
The Hoffmans would not just "neglect" there off-season payments because as you can tell very well they arent a bunch of chumps, they know what there doing and how to do it. The landlord or whatever you wanna call the owner of that claim made a big mistake letting them go anyway expecially to the a$$hole Dakota Fred character... I bet the claim owner is kicking himself in the rear now because they are the most popular group on the show and get the most publicity and by the looks of it good for them to find new spots because I'm SURE THEY ARE THE ONE'S THAT HIT THE MOTHER LOAD!!! Hey Hoffmans if you ever need a hard worker track me down! Love it!! Good luck and hope your the ones that hit the mother load.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Todd admitted he missed the payments...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
If you miss your house payment you can lose your house, if you forgo your car payments, you get to take the bus. If you forget to pay your claim lease you run the risk of the legal claim owner selling it to someone else. Points to consider: 1. The Hoffman's paid the claim owner next to nothing for his "share" which I'm positive did not make him "warm and fuzzy" about giving them a second chance. 2. They were neophytes, and Fred was a known commodity AND friend of the owner. 3. TODD MISSED THE PAYMENT DURING THE OFF SEASON....

Submitted by Jack_Dakota (not verified) on
well i just wanted to inform everyone its my uncle Fred who hits it big, not fatboyy and the misfitts or the Shnabel kid

Submitted by Wes (not verified) on
Todd's first mistatke was going into something blind,mining for Gold. I admire his glass half fool attitude although in buisness you must have an ideal of what you are doing before you light out and try something. Howard Hughes posed as an airline pilot to learn about the commercial airline buisness before he purchased TWA. Todd's second mistake was letting the fox "FRED" in the hen house so to speak the season before Fred took over the claim. I knew Todd had messed up some how because he just laid down and let Fred have the claim the last season. Todd's biggest accomplishment so far was to present the ideal of filming rookie gold miners to the Discovery Channel which I'm sure will earn him more money then gold mining ever will. Parker is a disrespectful punk and needs a trip to the wood shed. I am sure Fred will hit big gold since he was able to piggy back off Todd for a year prior to him getting the claim. I for some reason really enjoy watching Todd and his crew,it's kinda like watching a neckcar race ,eventually there will be a great crash. "Where the heck is that GLORY HOLE".

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I'm sure if your uncle was Fred, you still wouldn't know about it. The non-disclosure agreements that these guys sign are pretty stern and unbreakable with huge consequences if there's a Leak. So I'm going to watch with untarnished desire, knowing that what Jack was after in the glory hole is probably there and what is the mother lode. However, you all have to remember, Fred filled that hole in when he was so smugly gloating after taking over Porcupine Creek. He made sure that the Hoffman's failed in season 1 by causing infighting and misdirection. He also swooped in when the opportunity presented itself and made sure he had the ear and attention of the owner. Fred gets back what he puts out there. There was a reason his house flooded and he lost everything. Things happen for a reason.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
they dont know what there doing or what to look for


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