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Hardcore Pawn breaks out in Season Six with 2.5 million premiere viewers

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Hardcore Pawn fans back for more turmoil from Les, Seth and Ashley on truTV.

truTV has a breakout hit with Hardcore Pawn. In its sixth season, the season premiere on Tuesday night attracted more than 2.5 million viewers—33 percent over the Season 5 premiere.

Fans of the show welcomed back Les Gold, owner of the American Jewelry and Loan, and his ever-arguing kids, Seth Gold and Ashley Broad Gold. Les, a third-generation pawnbroker, has his hands full, trying to keep his 50,000-square-foot pawn shop—the largest in the Detroit area—going, as well as deal with the seemingly constant uproars between his son and daughter. Les is old-school, street smart, and reminds his team daily, “The customer isn’t always being truthful.” And, as viewers know, the customer isn’t always right in American Jewelry and Pawn. In fact, some are flat wrong, and things can get pretty wild when the customer does not like being informed that, no, their “gold” earrings or “diamond” watch is, well, a piece of junk. But, Les is a hard-nosed businessman, and sticks to his guns. As long as he is treated with respect, he treats customers with respect. But, if they cross the line—watch out.

Next Generation of Golds

Seth is Les’ only son and his business partner, working at American Jewelry and loan for seven years, since he graduated from the University of Michigan. He came into the family business after initially thinking he would like to pursue a career in the medical field, but now that he’s in, he’s all in, with both feet. He respects the business his father has built, but also has enough determination and confidence in his own abilities to make suggestions on how they can improve. He is meticulous and pragmatic, while his father is spontaneous and deals with situations as they present themselves, and the two can drive each other crazy at times—but, in a loving, father-son kind of craziness.

Ashley Broad Gold is a daddy’s girl, and the general manager of American Jewelry and Loan. She has a business administration degree from Michigan State University, as well as her graduate diamond certification from the Gemological Institute of America. She has been in the pawn business for more than 15 years, writing her first pawn slip at only seven years old. She is just like her father—spontaneous, hard-core and stubborn—and that makes for ongoing trouble with her brother. Jealousies are always bubbling between the two—Seth is being groomed to take over his dad’s place at the top one day, but Ashley doesn’t think he has what it takes—and, at times, it seems like the two may just tear the business apart. But, Les is always there to break up their rowdy, typically loud, hardcore tifts—well, he usually is, anyway. And, as with customers, when they cross the line--watch out.

Stay tuned.

Hardcore Pawn airs on Tuesday nights on truTV at 9 p.m.

Image: truTV

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