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Hardcore Pawn: Multiple happy customers in one episode--a new record?

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Yes, it does happen: There are happy customers on Hardcore Pawn on truTV.

It’s always nice to see the team on truTVs Hardcore Pawn doing a little tag-team work. This week, Les, Rich and Seth took on a bidding challenge together and won.

You never know what might come into American Jewelry and Loan; this week, it was an “illusion box.”

“I used to do big illusion shows,” the customer said, “but I don’t do them anymore. And, magic is meant to be shared. So, I’ve decided to let it go, and hopefully get it in front of an audience again.”

After assistant Courtney was “sliced in half,” Ashley gave it a go.

“I was in a rush to get out of the box,” she said, “because if Seth got a hold of those saws, my body could have been sliced in half.”

Seth liked having his sister in the box, of course.

“I really want to put Ashley in the box, do the trick, keep her in thirds; as long as she doesn’t talk, I’m good,” Seth said.

But, after seeing the trick performed on Ashley, Seth was all business.

“A magician has never brought one of these things in here to sell to us before,” Seth said. “Everybody wants to know this trick. Even if there’s not a local market, if we place this thing online, I know we’ll be able to flip it.”

Les initially offered the magician $400 and was rejected. After offering $500, he was going to let him walk out the door. But, in the meantime, Rich was doing a little research, and reported to Seth that the potential retail was $2,500. After Seth passed along the information to his dad, Les offered another $300—still too low. When the magician started to walk, Rich indicated that he should bump it up one more time--$900.

This time, the magician—who wanted $1,500 initially—agreed. It was a deal for the shop, if they can flip it for $2,500 or close, but the magician seemed happy enough.

“Magic: Now you see it—now you don’t,” he said, folding the money into his pocket.

A satisfied customer at American Jewelry and Loan on Hardcore Pawn—they do exist.

In fact, a second customer left happily, after he received $80 on a pawn of a computer, so he could pick up pain medication he needed.

Two in one day? Possibly a new record for Hardcore Pawn.

And, when Les broke the rules to make an exchange, another one--hardcore happiness at American Jewelry and Loan.

Hardcore Pawn airs on truTV on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m.

UPDATE: Play by the rules or go home at American Jewelry & Loan

Image: truTV

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