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Hardcore Pawn: Seth creates havoc with archaic online shopping system

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Some of Ashley and Seth's arguments are absurd, but this time Ashley was right, no doubt about it.

On last night’s episode of Hardcore Pawn on truTV, it was pretty easy to see why Ashley gets so upset with her brother Seth sometimes. Seth has good ideas; he just does not always execute them properly. His online set-up is another one of those cases.

“I’ve been going over the numbers on the Internet,” Les said. “We’re spending 300K on running the Internet business. … We’re losing money.”

The online idea is a good one; in this day and age, everyone has access to a computer, the potential for making sales online is huge, and it’s only going to grow. But, when the process for selling online is bad, the results, of course, are going to be bad.

Seth’s diagnosis of why they were losing money was because they did not have enough inventory online. Solution? Put more inventory online, starting with jewelry. But, when sister Ashley, who manages the jewelry department had a valid point—what happens if an item is sold online and offline at the same time—Seth just blew it off, not giving it a second thought. Part of it, of course, was his own ego and stubbornness; part of it, no doubt, was that it was his sister asking the question.

These two, they are just impossible; how Les puts up with them, who knows? How they will ever run the business together someday in the future, at this point, at least, well, the vision of the happy family business seems impossible. But, this time, Ashley was not being difficult; she was making a valid point.

And, he should have listened.

Ashley's Turn to Be Right

It’s pretty ridiculous to believe, especially in a store as big as American Jewelry and Loan, that just relying on employees to have time to take a little sticker off an item and get it out of the online inventory is going to work. People get busy. People forget. And, sometimes, employees, well, they just do not do their jobs as well as they should. In this case, an employee got overwhelmed with work and sold a $1,500 watch in the store, didn’t have time to get it out of the inventory, and that same watch was subsequently sold to another customer online—and, no, he was not happy about it when he found out it was gone.

As anyone who watches the show knows, the response of the patron really isn’t printable here. But, this was one case where the employee (in this case, Seth) had to just suck it up and not get down on the irate customer’s verbal level and admit, 100%, that it was the shop’s mistake.

"We screwed up, no question about it." And, as the customer continued to insult him, he simply had to say, "Thank you. I'll give you your money back."

Seth, of course, took what was ultimately his responsibility out on Ashley—he never did own up to the system being flawed—and could not bring himself to man-up and admit that he should have done a barcode system in the first place. But, then, what else is new between the brother and sister? This time it was Seth; next time, it will be Ashley.

Here’s to hoping Les is around for a long time.

Stay tuned.

Hardcore Pawn airs on truTV on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m.

Image: truTV/David Holloway

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