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Hardcore Pawn: Seth double-crossing Les with secret sale?

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Does Seth really want to set up a sale of a pawn shop behind his dad's back on Hardcore Pawn?

There’s always something brewing at American Jewelry and Loan on truTV's Hardcore Pawn, and a lot of times, it’s a scam.

It’s hilarious, the way people will walk into American Jewelry and Loan and insist that they have a piece of jewelry or other item that they bought at the shop, but, “I did not get a receipt.” Really? That might work at a big box store, but it doesn’t play on Hardcore Pawn.

“I’ve played this game before,” shop manager Ashley said when a woman came into the store with a pair of earrings, claiming they were bought at American Jewelry and Loan and, “There ain’t no receipt.” Well, that much was true, given she apparently didn’t buy them at the pawn store. Oh, and, not surprisingly, they were fake, as well.

I Need My Receipt!

On the other hand, they don’t give receipts for getting an item out of pawn.

“When we give you your item, that’s your receipt,” the woman at the window told an increasingly irate customer. “That's proof you came to take it out.” But, according to the customer, she does business with American Jewelry and Loan “all the time,” and she claimed that she has always gotten a receipt.

“You sure you’re at the right place?” the employee asked.

That sent the woman over the moon, but, as Les explained, “this is not retail,” and the policy of the store for 30 years has been to not give out receipts when an item is picked up from pawn.

“We do not give you a receipt, because we did not sell it to you,” Les explained.

So, the woman needed a receipt to prove to her boyfriend where her money has been going. But, when she threatened to burn the shop down, it was time for her to go and, like so many before her, she did, but not without some theatrics, specifically writhing on the floor in a hilarious attempt at agony from being escorted out of the shop.

“Raising your voice does not get you better service,” Les reminded viewers.

Cutting Losses in Pontiac?

The biggest problem on the day was when a customer came in from their Pontiac shop, saying that the shop was out of money. Seth and Ashley were ready to sell the place on the spot, but Les was clear:

“I’ve never had a business fail, and I’m definitely not gonna start now. It’s not for sale.”

Further, he was just as clear about who is in charge:

“My children will not tell me what to do; it’s not gonna happen. Pontiac is never going to be for sale.”

Well, that pretty much takes care of that—doesn’t it?

Not if Seth has anything to do with it.

Unbelievably, he decided to go forward and try to line up some buyers for the Pontiac shop, against his dad’s wishes.

“I am not part of this,” Ashley told him repeatedly, telling him going behind Les’s back was a bad idea.

“Seth is beyond the point of gone crazy; nobody has EVER crossed my dad like this before. Dad is going to kill him.”

Will he?

Stay tuned.

Hardcore Pawn airs on truTV on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m.

UPDATED: Hardcore Pawn returns Tuesday, November 13, with the mid-season premiere, at 9 p.m. E/P

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Seth is an ignorant , stupid, ungrateful asswhole of a son. He should be fired! I cannot stand him. He treats his sister like garbage. Les should fire him. Seth is a worthless coniving bastard of a son. True TV should not renew his contract.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
She's no better. They're both treacherous trouble makers. I say either fire them both, or ship them off to the other shop and only pay them a percentage of what it makes. Sort of like a penal colony.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
seth is gay

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