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Heavy Whipping Cream: Not Just a Low-Carb Coffee Creamer!

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Heavy whipping cream is a staple on many low-carb diets.

Low-carb dieters often have several “go-to” ingredients on their menus; one of these is often heavy whipping cream.

In comparison to milk, heavy whipping cream is much lower in carbs. A cup of milk, according to, has 11.49g of carbs; one cup of heavy whipping cream has only 6.64g. So, it is a great lower-carb choice for coffee and tea. But, is this the extent of your experiments with heavy whipping cream?

It shouldn’t be!

Sometimes it is hard to find a low-carb dessert, but heavy whipping cream can be a solution. First, just by making a sugar-free whipped topping. One cup of heavy whipping cream will make about two cups of whipped topping. In a cold mixing bowl, add one cup of cold heavy whipping cream, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, and one tablespoon of sugar equivalent of your preference. Whip with an electric mixer (you can use a hand whisk, if you don’t mind putting some muscle into it), raising the speed as the cream thickens. Whip until you reach the “soft peak” stage; if you overwhip, it will actually break down and separate.

This is a basic whipped cream recipe, but you should adjust to your own tastes, adding more or less sweetener, and experimenting with extracts and flavorings as you prefer; homemade whipped cream adds a little extra decadence to that sugar-free gelatin or your low-carb ice cream treat.

Atkins offers a chocolaty dessert drink recipe on its website, easy to make and tasty, utilizing heavy whipping cream:


Place water, cream and syrup in a blender along with 3 ice cubes and blend until frothy.

And, as a final suggestion, have you ever made your own homemade butter? With heavy whipping cream and a mini-food processor, you can! Simply take about 1/3 cup of cold heavy whipping cream and 1/4 teaspoon of salt and blend them in the mini-food processor until it becomes butter. That’s it! It takes about 3 minutes, but you will know immediately when your cream has gone from cream to butter; it “breaks away” in the processor, and the feel/sound of the processing changes. At this point, your butter is ready to go; additional whipping will only serve to break it down. Great on steamed veggies and, for those not on low-carb diets, bread!

Image: Wikimedia Commons