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Ice Road Truckers: Drivers try not to strand themselves as ice melts away

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Porkchop is gone, Ray is back, and the ice is quickly melting away on Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel.

Ice Road Truckers is nearing the end of its run on the History Channel this season, with the temperatures rising and the roads melting away. Not all of the truckers who started are making it to the end, but the arrival of a new-but-familiar face may help Carlile get the loads the company needs to deliver out to their final destinations.

Fans know by now that Porkchop was sent home from the Dalton last week, following a long string of chances. Was he the worst driver Carlile had ever seen? Probably not; Porkchop certainly did not do the damage, at least, that Hugh did, long-time IRT fans will recall, when he was trucking for the company in previous seasons. Of course, Hugh was sent away and asked not to return, as well, so the outcome was the same, regardless of the details. Did Phil have some kind of personal vendetta against Porkchop? Well, he did not seem to like him very much, but “vendetta” might be taking it a bit too far. Did Phil and Lane “team up” against Porkchop, as some viewers may have felt? Actually, Lane seemed to give Porkchop every benefit of the doubt, and every opportunity to improve, but, in the end, it seemed more important to Porkchop that he get in digs on Phil—flipping him off as he flew past him on one episode, and that ridiculous “hiding” attempt in another—than it was for him to work to keep his job.

Plus, Ice Road Truckers is a reality show; it was most likely scripted from the start that Porkchop would be let go before the season ended.

New Challenges Begin

Now, it is time for the season to start winding down, and the truckers have their hands full, with melting ice and a lot of loads left to deliver. Lane called in Ray Veilleux, a driver who proved himself on a previous season of IRT. Will he prove himself again this season—or, rather, what’s left of this season? Well, after breaking down on his first haul—not his fault, of course—he’ll have to pick up the pace if he is going to make the trip worth the short time he has left on the Dalton this season. According to the History Channel, tonight's premiere is going to be a busy episode for all of the IRT drivers:

On the Dalton, Jack Jessee and Darrell Ward are dispatched across the ice to make the final run to the village of Nuiqsut, but with the road scheduled to close at sundown, failure will leave them trapped on the wrong side of the water. Tied for the top of the load count, Austin Wheeler's looking to end the season as the new champ, but after weeks of heavy hauls and risky maneuvers, Austin may have finally pushed his truck too far. Returning former load count champion Ray Veilleux is trying to prove he still has what it takes after a breakdown put an end his first haul. On the Dempster, Alex gambles with an extra-large trailer to haul all of the season's final supplies, but the high winds of hurricane alley put his fragile plywood trailer to the test. In Manitoba, the Winter Roads are melting fast and if Hugh and Rick can’t put days of animosity aside and work together, they'll both end up stuck in the bush until the roads form next season.

Tonight’s new episode of Ice Road Truckers, “Race the Melt,” premieres on the History Channel at 10/9c.

Stay tuned.

Image: Wikimedia Commons


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Is it me, or are the "Reality Shows" getting real old real quick? I'm about done watching all of then no matter how interesting the subject is. Is love to see shows on some of the subjects that are real, not scripted! Color me out of these shows!

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