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Ice Road Truckers: Who was crowned haul road champ on season finale?

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The ice roads are closed, and the load count winner is revealed on the History Channel's Ice Road Truckers.

Time ran out on the Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel last night, as the season came to a close and spring temps arrived, shutting down the ice roads.

Jack and Darrell were fighting to win the load count right to the end.

“Comin’ down to the last load,” Jack said. “I want to win this thing.”

“Time somebody puts ol’ Jack in his place,” Darrell said.

Jack admitted that it had been a true race to the top this season. “That man’s given me a run for my money this year.”

Canada out of Ice Roads

In Canada, there was still a lot of snow along the roads, but not a lot of ice for hauling.

“The roads just went out really quick,” MIT manager Tim said as he shut down the road Hugh and Rick were travelling on together. “Unfortunately, we’ve got to close it a little earlier than what we wanted.”

Rick, however was travelling behind Hugh, and it was looking like he night not make it back across before the road was closed. But, fortunately, just at the last moment, he made it.

“Just in the nick of time,” Tim said as he took down the “open” from the road sign.

Hugh Burns Another (Ice Road) Bridge

After a season of struggling, Hugh and the owner of Polar Industries had a falling out, apparently for good. So, they settled up, and Hugh said he would not be back to Polar.

Oh, well; not the first time Hugh has had a falling out with a trucking company, and probably won’t be the last.

“It’s not been a good year,” Rick summed up.

But, the animosity that had been brewing between Rick and Hugh seemed to have settled down, and they parted ways for the year as friends.

Alex Makes the Haul, Austin Stops Short

Alex took his final ice run of the season, hauling firewood and other supplies to Tuktoyatuk, a village above the tree-line, unable to supply itself with cut firewood. As the last driver facing the ice on that road, he was definitely having some difficulties on the ocean ice, glistening in the sun, breaking down, speeded along by the changing tides. He was even forced to stop at one point and reevaluate the path he was taking, to decide if continuing the run was even doable—although, being so far out, he had little choice but to go forward. And, he did eventually make the delivery, safe and sound, the last to the village for the season.

Austin got in one last heavy-haul load, after his truck was repaired. But, as he delivered the huge modular building, his engine problems returned. “I’m no mechanic,” he said when a driver from one of the lead trucks asked what might be wrong, but the Carlile mechanics don’t seem like great mechanics, themselves—do they ever fix a truck on the first try? At any rate, Austin had to pull off the road, and was forced to end the haul.

“I really wanted to get one more haul up the road, but it looks like my season’s gonna end this way,” Austin said, frustrated.

And, Jack and Darrell?

Well, the “haul-road ace" decided to give Darrell a little taste of his own medicine, and passed him on a part of the haul road where he knew Darrell would slow down. But, the load count winner?

Jack got the coveted “load count” jacket, with 29 loads to Darrell’s 28.

Will the Ice Road Truckers be back on the History Channel next year?

Stay tuned.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons


Submitted by Zach (not verified) on
So Jack won the load count, but was the "contest" only among the drivers appearing on the show. Carlile has many many drivers doing the haul road. Surely some did better than Jack. Who knows?

Submitted by Nick (not verified) on
Without Lisa Kelly, IRT is unwatchable.

Submitted by Nick (not verified) on
Without Lisa Kelly, IRT is unwatchable.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Jack may be testy at times, but Darrell is usually obnoxious.

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