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Ice Road Truckers: Will haul-road ace Jack lose his title to rookie Darrell?

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Jack Jessee is the haul-road ace today, but may not be tomorrow if Darrell has his way.

Fans of the History Channel reality show hit Ice Road Truckers should be ready for a prickly series of events on the latest episode, "Stacking the Deck."

This week, Alex Debogorski fans will get to see the seasoned pro with a million-dollar load, hauling on a one-lane mine road, reputed to be one of the deadliest in North America. In Manitoba, Hugh is continuing with his makeshift convoy, and breaking through the ice is a real possibility for his never-been-on-the-ice-road recruit.

In Alaska, things are getting personal between Darrell Ward and Jack Jessee on the Dalton. Jack is in danger of losing the title of “haul-road ace” to the rookie, but the seasoned veteran is not about to let go of the load count easily, and has the Rocky Mountain log hauler fighting hard to take away the glory from the Dalton veteran.

Rookies All Alone on Dalton

Rookies Porkchop and Austin are both alone on the Dalton, Austin with a solo heavy haul and Porkchop with only his second solo run of the season. But, careful as Porkchop has been in trying to gain his haul-road freedom, as they say, a little freedom can be dangerous, and now that he’s on his own, he is taking risks that could put those around him in jeopardy. And, of course, Austin has been trying to gain his own wings on the Dalton, but is finding that perhaps doing it all on his own isn’t as easy as he had dreamed it to be.

Ice Road Truckers fans can catch up with their favorite History Channel truckers tonight, Sunday, Aug. 5, beginning at 8/7c, and then see this week’s new episode, “Stacking the Deck,” at 9/8c.

And, check out this video about cracking ice—what is okay and what can be deadly—from the History Channel. Ice normally does bend and crack, experts indicate, but when gaps known as “pressure ridges” form, the consequences can be deadly:

UPDATE: Jack Jessee goes from haul-road ace to bully of the Dalton

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Video: History Channel

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