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Is Joe gaining traction with Dual Survival viewers?

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A greater number of positive Huliq commenters came to Joe's defense after last week's episode of Dual Survival; will that fan base continue to grow this season?

It’s another week on the Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival; how are fans settling in with the new partnership of Cody and Joe?

Huliq readers continue to debate the new dynamic in the partnership, and many are still wary of the more military, less survivalist feel of the episodes thus far. Last week’s episode gave fans a chance to see Joe “take point” in the South African bush, but some fans did not necessarily react as Discovery may have hoped. Fans of the show commented on Huliq article, “Joe ‘takes point’ in South African bush, Dual Survival fans react,” and they were blunt:

Reader Pipip thought Joe was, well, not such a nice guy, saying, “Joe is just mean. And for all his military training, he couldn't even kill a catfish. Cody had to do it.”

But, other fans liked what they saw, such as non-embellishing veteran, who disagreed with the negative reviews, saying, “I can actually watch this show now. It's far better with Cody & Joe! I've always liked Cody but I somehow had a feeling when Dave spoke he was just full of crap...guess I was right! Keep up the good work guys, hoo-yah!!”

Fans Liking What They See?

Reader Kate said she liked the look of the new host: “I thought last night's show was excellent....especially when Joe took off his shirt...what a chest!!!!”

But, others, like commenter magman, thought the obvious attempt to pull in female viewers via Joe’s manly attributes was rather cheesy: “It's good to see that Joe was allowed to go back to the Travel Lodge at night in order to shave his belly.... Is there nothing about this man that is not embarrassing??”

New Viewers in the Mix

One anonymous commenter thought the naysayers would keep watching, along with new fans who will enjoy the military vibe now going on with the show: “It seems because of Joe's background he seems to be picking up more fans that are ex or still military. Those people that want to blast the show are still going to watch so they can blast the show, meanwhile Joe will add to the fan base.”

Reader Archer, however, appeared to believe that what Discovery may be gaining in new viewers, it is losing in loyal fans: “Picking up new fans perhaps, but he's driving out the old ones by the drove. As a long time TV watcher I know full well that problems that arise from suddenly changing out a character or actor. Fans are resistant to change yes, but there are other factors at work here in this case.”

Is Support for Joe Growing Overall?

So, while there are still negative comments to be sure, fans who support the change, or who are at least still open to the possibilities of the new season, are beginning to trickle in with their support. Will that support continue to grow as the season goes forward? Tonight, fans will again see more of Joe in the spotlight, according to Discovery Channel’s description of tonight’s episode:

Deep in New Mexico's Chihuahuan Desert, Joe struggles to get out of an abandoned mineshaft. A deadly western diamondback rattlesnake becomes dinner, and a maggot-infested cow carcass puts the team's opposing survival tactics to the test.

Stay tuned.

Dual Survival airs on the Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Did Cody, Joe turn trust-building corner in Hawaii?

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Dual Survival


Submitted by Carl smith (not verified) on
This guy must be perfect he has obviously never done anything wrong in his life! I personally watch people like this because he is fake. He labeled anonymous that has to be joe! Dave and Cody went together like peanut butter and jelly! I hope Cody had nothing to do with Dave being gone I would lose a lot of respect I have for him. I am a very responsible person that holds a lot of importance in honesty and integrity! I have made mistakes in my life and learned from them! One of first that I learned was not to condemn a person when they are going through this human process! First person without sin cast the first stone! Dave must come back!!!!! We are behind u Dave all the way bro!!!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Right - you honestly believe that Joe is an example of the 1% like those who went into Pakistan after Bin Laden? Do your parents know you are using their computer? Daves credentals were "clearly stated" by the same 'authorities' - remember how that ended? You get a better representation watching Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Submitted by michelle w. (not verified) on
Wish they would have kept old crew. New guy...not so much. Don't think I'm gonna watch this season.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I would have transfered Joe out of my unit as quickly as it could be arranged - his actions would have put everyone around him in harms way. Anyone who has had any dealing with spec ops units would recognize his demeanor is totally opposite of what the true warriors of our countries military display and those of a poser. He would, at best, be laughed out of any veterans group or NCO club he entered. I do not believe that any TRUE former miltary members will be joining the viewers of this ludicrous show, and I KNOW many former viewers (was anyone over 10 years old really a 'fan'?) are leaving the ranks. Also Discovery's disturbing habit of labeling shows as being "New" when in actuallity they have been previously broadcast (a practice with many of it's programs of late) is destroying any credibility it once had. This is a show for children - young children, and we can only hope and pray that their parents are present to tell them that it is all just a fairy tale.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
We're you in any spec ops unit? Let alone 3? I don't think he was laughed at very much. The fact he DID what he his SRB says implies to me, not very many would be laughing. SInce you believe this is a show for young children is clear insight into your judgement. I have 5 young children and I dont think killing, drinking urine and carving road kill is appropriate for young children as well as bleeps from cusses. THis does not mean I, as an adult, dont appreciate it but if you think its a show for young children then your wrong.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I did not say that the show was FOR children, only that anyone who was a 'FAN' (look up the words that confuse you) had the mentality of a 10 year old. Who do you think drinking urine IS appropriate for? In 28 years of military training not one instructor suggested drinking urine as a viable survival techinque. Road kill? I have seen all the shows with Joe, and have not seen any road kill unless you think that rotten carcass he skinned was hit by an off-road vehicle. I will pray that your children will be exposed to someone with the capacity of intelligent thinking (to avoid confusion on your part that means I don't think you are) at some point in their lives. By the way, it is 'were' not 'we're': the title of your comment, as you wrote it, reads "WE ARE YOU IN ANY SPEC OPS.")

Submitted by Dual Fan (not verified) on
JOE WILL DO ANYTHING TO SURVIVE!!! Come on, that was just so stupid and in the end they didnt even use the square of rotted flesh/hide he carved off it. In an actual survival scenario, messing with that carcass is idiotic. So now the show is just Man vs Wild except Cody is barefoot so they cant take as many unnecessary but visually appealing risks that Bear does. They're going to wish they let Dave's lies go unnoticed because the show is doomed now.

Submitted by Anonymous 007 (not verified) on
Bear's gonna go bear foot (heh-heh), wear/use materials ONLY scavanaged from rotting carcasses, and grow an Achy-Breaky Heart length mullet. He has already killed a pig that was tied up, so he has allll bases covered. Learn children, learn....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I enjoyed the previous seasons with Dave Canterbury very much. I never missed an episode and watched the reruns constantly. I thought the rapport between Dave & Cody worked and I learned a lot, even for a tv show. I’m very disappointed that Dave is no longer with the show. I watched the 1st episode of the new season and do not care for Dave’s replacement. I have made the decision to not watch the show any longer. In fact, there is very little on the Discovery Channel that interests me. Amish Mafia, Moonshiners are trash (along with several others)– are you people kidding? What has happened to the Discovery Channel? Anyway, I would gladly watch Dual Survival again if Dave were to return. Thanks - Mike

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
And you probably think Lance Armstrong was not taking performance enhancing drugs too.


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