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Jungle Gold: 'I hate this place' says frustrated Scott

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Scott and George could no longer afford to pay Travis, and he was sent packing this week on Discovery Channel's Jungle Gold.

The jungles of Ghana claimed its first victim of Discovery Channel’s Jungle Gold, as George and Scott made the decision to send mechanic Travis home to Utah.

It was not a surprise that Travis went home. He was not cut out for the type of roadside, on-site mechanic work that is required on a gold claim, and he was extremely unhappy in Ghana. If George and Scott had not sent him home, it is quite possible he would have sent himself packing, although he stated otherwise last night, indicating that as long as he was being paid, he was sticking it out in the jungle. But, his skill set just did not match the problems they were encountering as work progressed.

No Ghana Gold Rush for Scott and George

The claim in Ghana is not working out for George and Scott as they had hoped, planned and, frankly, assumed. Ghana is in the midst of a gold rush, and the lure of just going out and digging up gold may be more of a myth than an actuality, particularly for those who are simply not accustomed to the harsh living conditions Ghana has to offer on the gold claims. And, although George and Scott are good talkers, so far they are not the best of gold miners—and they don’t have a grace period in which to learn, as their investor is about ready to pull the plug.

After a harsh conversation with Scott last week, Mitch, the pair’s lead investor, thought that George’s visit while he was at home straightening out some personal financial problems was to put some gold in his hand. When he learned otherwise, he could barely control his temper.

“Last time I talked to you, you promised me, 24 hours, I’ll have gold in your hand.” He was incredibly unimpressed with the "about an ounce" George told him they had mined thus far. “Don’t make me come out there,” he warned George.

Hope Waning After Pit One

The pair had hoped that the first pit they were digging would yield at least $60,000 for their operation. However, when all was said and done, Scott sold their take for about $4,000, about $3,000 of which stayed with the duo, but was almost all gone immediately to pay awaiting debts in Ghana, leaving them unable to send anything home.

The bottom line?

“We have about four days’ worth of fuel left,” Scott told George when he arrived back at the site after his trip home to Utah. “If we don’t get gold out of the ground in the next four days, it’s over. … It’s never been as bad as it is now.”

Thus, the exit of Travis and his $5,000-month salary.

“I hate this place,” Scott said bluntly to the camera after yet another mechanical failure; will he and George be the next to go home empty-handed?

Stay tuned.

Jungle Gold airs on the Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 10/9c.

UPDATED: Danger rises for Scott and George on season finale

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Jungle Gold


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This week's show was much more enjoyable with a decrease in the air time for George. His short fuse temper and constant pouting and frowning make their search for gold much harder to enjoy watching. You want to see Scott succeed cause he seems genuinely well-meaning while George just makes you not even care if they succeed or not.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The only thing that would justify this show would be if the Chinese miners slaughtered these two idiots and put them out of their misery, that would be interesting. While they're at it, take out the producers and any others involved that put crap like this on TV. Then hopefully the Ghanians could throw the Chinese in jail and take their equipment, grow a pair, and throw all the other scum bags like this destroying their country out on their asses. If their land is going to be destroyed and raped it might as well be by them, at least they would be the ones making the money off of it. Let's see, these two bozos made a killing in the robber days of the mortgage scam era, yet instead of using that money to actually pay off their homes and save at least some money, they ran debt up to idiotic levels and didn't save a thing. Now their great idea is to go to Ghana and rape and pillage the land, and some TV producer pukes think this is a great idea for a TV show? To add to that the people in charge at the Discovery Channel bought into it? This is the kind of programming that CEO David Zaslav wants to put on the channel he's in charge of? It's all about ratings, profit margin, and stock values isn't it? Controversy sells!

Submitted by Charles S. (not verified) on
You are pathetic man. IF you dislike the show so much CHANGE THE CHANNEL, watch Disney. Your jealousy of the guys former real estate jobs is unrealistic. The government ruined the housing industry. The real estate companies didn't. I think these men are totally unprepared and ignorant by going to Africa to get rich. They don't know what are doing and that makes for interesting situations. That is reality TV. Like it or change the channel. To make us think there is no money going home is a lie however, WE should all know they aren't doing this for free. The production company IS paying them just as any actor is paid. They attempt to make us think it is real day to day stuff. You have to remember this is only a tiny look into the total viciousness of the area they are in. Lawless, violent, dangerous and captivating to a homebound want to be adventurer. You anger is mere jealousy and nuts. Disney and Nick have shows less upsetting for you to watch. Enjoy!

Submitted by warrior (not verified) on
Discovery now stands for "Damn Idiotic Scripted Crap Obliterating Vaguely Enjoyable Reality Yo-yo's". You heard it here 1st. I just made it up, lol.

Submitted by tod (not verified) on
I enjoy this show. Although I know I'm being led by the nose with every episode, I'm willing to suspend my disbelief for an hour each week just to feel the tension and excitement of each episode. I know that the odds are always tipped in their favor because even when they are 'alone' in the jungle in the scary dark of the night, there's also a camera crew and producers there. And Discovery is not going to be complicit in the death of two white deutschbags in the the middle of the Ghana jungle. Still it's great entertainment. That's how I see it.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I've watched jungle gold since the beginning. I'm sorry but I don't feel no empathy or sympathy for George. If you have bills to pay... Get a job.. It appears that when they we're making all that money, it wasn't spend wisely. Now you have your family on national television wanting people's sympathy.

Submitted by warrior (not verified) on
Why on earth would they pay this loser mechanic $5K/month?! And he bad mouthed them when he was told they couldn't afford him. He was out worked by the local mechanics. Such an overpaid whiny, crybaby loser.

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