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Jungle Gold season finale leaves fans wondering, "Is this show fake?"

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After watching George and Scott being held up on Discovery Channel's hit series Jungle Gold, fans are asking more loudly than ever, "Is this show even real?"

After a desperate attempt to make some quick cash, Jungle Gold stars George and Scott found themselves more broke than ever and back in Utah—and fans are asking, “Is this whole show fake?”

George Wright VI and Scott Lomu arrived in Ghana $1 million in debt, determined to dig up some of the golden millions that, supposedly, are so plentiful and, in their minds, at least, easy to access. They quickly found that perhaps the ease with which one can become a multi-millionaire in Ghana is overrated, and perhaps more of a fairytale than reality. After spending $150,000 and losing one investor, the two found a second investor who was able to front them a smaller amount--$40,000—but that amount was just enough to get the two in even more trouble, it turned out in the end.

Another Quick-Cash Scheme

What seems to get George and Scott in trouble is their constant scheming to find a shortcut. Get a job? Work hard? Doesn’t seem to be in their game plan. Rather, the two would prefer to find a scheme to get them some quick cash, pay off their debts, and have plenty left over to support what has been, it appears, to be the lucrative lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. Sure, owing a lot of money would lead one, naturally, to look for ways to make a lot of money to pay it back as quickly as possible—but gold mining in Africa?

Perhaps not the best scheme for amateurs to turn quick cash.

Black Market Gold Disaster

Desperate and on the verge of finding themselves back in Utah to face their wives regarding how broke they are now, the two developed another scheme to flip a bar of black-market gold for some serious money. Of course, the plan required them to meet an unknown buyer back in the bush and give him their remaining cash--$35,000—with no guarantee that the gold was even real, or that either of them would make it out of the bush alive. But, again, desperate people will do desperate, crazy, sometimes dumb things, and these two were desperate.

And they did a really dumb thing.

Not only did Scott and George take all $35,000 of their remaining cash into the bush and give it to some unknown guy for a bar of what may or may not have been gold, they found themselves the victim of an armed robbery on their way out—guess it was gold, because those guys wanted it back. Huliq readers have had a lot to say on the subject:

  • Anonymous: "The name for this show is all wrong... it should be called jungle dummies."
  • Anonymous: "Seriously, these guys didn't see this coming? First thing I would have done was switch the gold into a different bag or hid it in the truck (and brought weapons or armed body guards) that's a ton of $, if these guys go back, they'll be killed because they're really not very bright..."
  • Mike Rios: "I would never have stopped for a road block that wasn't there 10 minutes earlier. The only thing these guys know about the criminal element is what they have in a video game at home. They were advertising, 'Please Rob Us.'"
  • HitWhit1: "Either this show is COMPLETELY fake OR these guys are the dumbest bags of pretty-boy hair EVER."

Which hits on another question: How much of this show is fake?

Fact or Fiction?

It seems unlikely that ALL of this show is factual—somebody would be hurt or worse by now, with all that has happened throughout the season. And, the camera crew just follows along behind, whatever the situation, even on a back-bush gold deal gone bad, with no one noticing that they are even there with their cameras and other equipment. But, when it comes down to it, does it really matter how fake it is? As several Huliq readers have pointed out, it still makes for good TV, which viewers must agree with, because the ratings for this show have steadily grown as the season progressed. Although an official announcement has not yet been made by Discovery Channel, there is little doubt that Scott and George will get a shot at a second season, if they are interested—and why wouldn’t they be? As Huliq reader WillyGold pointed out:

Dumb? Clueless? Really?

Watch and learn. Jungle Gold will be back for season 2 because of its record-breaking ratings. These two will get a very lucrative contract from the Discovery Channel. If they take every bit of gold they find in season 2 and flush it down the toilet, they'll still end up as millionaires. The rest of us should be so "dumb" and "clueless".

So, George and Scott are now back in Utah, $300,000 more in debt than they were when they initially arrived in Ghana. But, will they end up as millionaires when it is all said and done? Depends, one would guess, on whether or not their 15 minutes really does reach beyond the small screen into book deals and other opportunities, as contracts for reality “stars” are notoriously minimal. But, it could happen. And, you never know, they could luck into some real gold in Season Two of Jungle Gold. Okay, it’s not likely, but it could happen.

Stay tuned.

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Jungle Gold


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I watched the episode last night and yes the show is fake. Thanks Discovery for killin my Friday night. No way in the world would Discovery let those two schmucks go into the jungle with 35k. So I say fess up to th BS or please don't put the show on next season.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I'm callin BS

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Honestly I am boggled by the actors. Either they are REALLY dumb or REALLY smart.

Submitted by ricothesilvermouse (not verified) on
yea i agree them 2 are morons they would have been better off to have meet the hermens hermit guy 1st. then to deal with every person that said they have gold .i could have done what they done an would not have been robbed by some shady african mugger. what a couple of puttzezzzzzz.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
They were driving a Land Rover! I would have driven over the pile of sticks and not stopped.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Driving the Land Rover over those branches...Excellent Point...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
All it would have taken is a little research before they dove head-first into their exotic pursuit for wealth. They were so desperate to turn 35k into 55+ to get involved with the other guy. They had that and much more when they started in Ghana. Ask questions, ressearch, study, THEN open your wallet, not vice versa. Their wives seemed pretty pacified. Weird.

I don't know ... if you watch their faces, they look like they are ready to go off on them, to me, but they are trying to act nice b/c they know they are on camera ... LOL

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
why I owned my buiss manufacturing commercial juice extractors people who met me dint believe it till they saw for themselves the shop the products etc the web site and then they just seemed to be jealous when they did know especially when they found out how much I was making, people are small unbelieving jealously rods that being said I noticed some pretty genuine emotions not acting he was exactly like a square guy scoring coke for the first time in a bad neighborhood no chance these guys are that good of actors additionally there is not one thing that is not in line with what really goes on, folks just imagine "if it wasn't fake they,d be killed by now" but in reality if that were true then even if it were fake these same supposedly for sure going to kill them people if the show were not fake would kill them regardless so yes theres lots of danger but that jacking was classic for the hood they should have stopped off in Compton and brought scary thugs with them held accountable by American laws as citizen's abroad but only that along with not talking to the dude so rudely when you passed the spot may have helped like not acting rude I think the dude felt disrespected by white-y but may have planned to jack them anyway, killing an American is voodoo screw you could get authoritys to actually act they may hold back for that reason as well but you know thugs on average do allot more robbing than killing


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